Monday, January 3

Manic Monday: Some blabber, updates, and A few additional resolutions....Advice needed..

Happy 3rd day of 2011, Luvas!!!  Wowser....I'm so sad the holidays are is my least favorite part of the year...that dead time of January - is cold, dark, and wet and dull!  I have a few fun events to break this time up this year:  a.  a business trip to Vegas in Feb....I've never been!  can you believe it! and b.  my birthday in March....I'm sure I will have an entire list of clothing to beg my family/husband/friends/random strangers for if I am able to keep up my year long shopping ban for that long.  Fingers crossed!  

Random notes on day 3 of my 365 day shopping ban: 
1.  I haven't been to the mall in ages, I'm avoiding it and all of the temptation it holds.
2.  I am still keeping up my evening routine of watching tv with hubby whilst perusing my favorite online shopping far not too much temptation, not many sites have updated with spring arrivals yet, I'm not interested in MORE winter clothes (see above paragraph RE:  dead time), and my terror over owing beaucoup additional taxes has set in as it does every January 1, so I would be too paranoid to spend money anyways.
3.  However, I have decided to return a blazer I bought like 3 weeks ago, that I have since fell out of love with.  I think my tartan/plaid obsession went out with 2010.....some how wearing a red tartan blazer seems a little too preppy even for my conservative leaning self!  And, I'm in a conundrum....since that money was spent in 2010...does that mean I can buy something else with the money in 2011?  My husband seems to think so, I personally think it is sort of like cheating.  Hmmm....what do you think I should do?

In other random thoughts, it is kind of pathetic how excited I am for the Lifetime Movie premiere this evening of The Craiglist Killer.....this case has fascinated since it first broke in the news and I can't wait to watch the Lifetime version in all of it's cheesy glory!!  DVR is already set.

So I have a few additional New Year's resolutions for 2011....compared to the shopping ban, these should be easy:
1.  I'd like to get back in really good shaping, like wearing a size 6 shape. 
Some thoughts on this:  I'm certainly not unhappy with how I look now.  But, I'm not certain how much weight that would actually require me to lose....I'm quite muscular and when I work out a lot I have a body type that drastically changes shape.  I've been kind of half-assing it for the last year, mostly due to laziness because I certainly have the time to commit to this workout schedule.  Also, my husband has become a bit fitness obsessed this fall and in addition to losing quite a bit of his post-law school weight he is *gasp* getting more physically fit than me and that is just NOT acceptable!  Also, I did a bit of my closet reorg/clean out this AM and I found 2 skirts, 2 suits, 1 pair of jeans, and 3 pairs of dress pants shoved to the back of the closet from my smaller days (they are all size 4-6's) and I was reminded how much I love these items.....if I can lose this weight, then I can have new clothes again without having bought any!  SCORE!   

So readers I need some advice, I've never embarked on a weight loss quest before (for me going from a size 8/10 to a size 6), and I'm curious as to what people think is the best way to do it.....Firstly, is it better to lose some weight by changing eating habits and then amp up the working out after I see some results or is it better to lose the weight by amping up the working out and the eating habits?  I've also thought about Weight Watchers, thoughts on this?  (Please note:  Regardless what route I choose, at the minimum I do plan to keep up my current workout schedule gym 3 days per week for 1 hour, circuits/cardio/weight lifting and 30 minute per day walk with Gussie Dog....this is what I have been doing to maintain my current weight.)  I'm also participating in Meggy D of Chasing Davies Fitness Challenge to walk/run 100 miles in Jan 2011; this should give me a jump start on my goals.

2.  Go to church at least 2x per month. 
I'd love to make this 4x per month but I'm being realistic here!  I have sort of become disconnected from my faith and this makes me very sad.  We went to church on Christmas Eve and I was actually moved to tears...this is something that I need in my life and I must make getting back in touch with my religion/faith a priority in my life this year!  Honestly, this is the most important resolution I'm making because I feel doing this will help me to have the strength to complete the others.  

3.  Be a better all-around person.
I want to smile more, be more approachable, do more acts of kindness, and just be a generally less selfish/self-absorbed person.  I want to be able to handle the problems in my life with a realistic perspective and look at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Today is my last day of vacation, sad face, so I'm going to run to the grocery store and the gym this afternoon.

So please give me any advice you can offer on any of ALL of these topics???  It is much needed:)  Thanks y'all!

Happy first Monday of 2011!!!



  1. I actually am wanting to accomplish all 3 of these goals too. I am still my reg. size 4, but a very soft size 4. There were times I could fit into size 2s, and while that may be too small, I'd like to at least get rid of the soft parts :) I actually just bought the Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred dvd workout to jumpstart the fitness plan. I definitely think that how you eat is extremely important. When I lost a bunch of weight several years ago, it was 95% eating habits and only 5% physical activity.

    Re: church, I was moved to tears during my Christmas Eve service as well, and then again yesterday when I went to church for the first time in a while. It is so true that if you have a good spiritual foundation, everything else will fall into place. My mantra for this year is CHOOSE JOY! I always have a choice in how I react and act.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel of a response! Hope these goals go well for you. We can help keep each other accountable :)

  2. I agree with AppGal, I think adjusting eating habits is huge. It sounds like you have a great exercise routine already, so just by adjusting what you are eating, you should see results right away. For me, I was never a big meat eater to begin with, so I shifted to a vegatarian diet and saw results quick. I ate more grains (quinoa, millet) and eliminated soda. I still have a diet coke every once in a while, but now it's a treat. I bring my own lunch to work and always eat a healthy breakfast of whole grain toast, natural PB and fruit.

    and as for the money you receive on your's $$ from 2010, I think it's fair game :-)

  3. Jordyn, I am so proud of your goals for 2011! You can do it! I think Weight Watchers (or another similar tracking what you eat method) would be helpful. Also, you will need to do more exercise than what you are currently doing to lose. Upping the cardio will certainly help! You are gonna do great!

  4. AppGal: Thanks for the support...glad we have the same goals...we can def keep each other on track. Most people I talk to are saying the same thing that you did 95% diet/5% activity....I really think that my problem is my portion size....I eat healthy, just too much of it.

    Pamela: I'm still deciding on purchasing something with the other still sort of feels like cheating to me:) I actually was a vegetarian for a couple of years in my 20's...i still ate eggs/seafood and wasn't super strict..but I felt so great. I feel so sick after I eat a huge portion of steak or a burger...blah! Great tips about the grains too...thanks! I've been having steel cut oatmeal with fruit in the AM and I find it very filling.

    Susannah: I have started writing down everything that I am eating...a way to hold myself accountable. I'm still thinking about weight watchers and might do it at the end of this month if I'm not seeing the results I want. I am going to try to up the cardio an additional 20 minutes per workout too. or at least push myself to intensity during the workout. How are you feeling?