Sunday, January 2

Resolutions......Shopping Ban --

Happy New Year!!!!

I placed my final JCrew online order of 2010 on December 31st.  I bought a few things with the additional 30% off promo.....and I am here to announce that I am not going to be buying any more clothing/shoes until 2012.  That's right readers, I am going on a one year self-imposed shopping ban.

I have a few reasons:
1.  I have so many clothes I have never worn, with tags on them, shoes I forgot I owned, and to be honest just too much stuff.
2.  I've gotten to the point with my shopping where I am buying multiples of stuff.  Who needs 5 black suits, 7 pairs of black pumps, 3 pairs of brown knee boots, and 5 pairs of UGGS?  No one!
3.  I am taking this year to weed through my closet, discover what I love, what I hate and really decide what my own style is.

I do not return to work until Tuesday and I am going to be spending tomorrow doing a closet organization and inventory.  

A bit of the fine print:
1.  I am permitted to replace items...for example, a white t-shirt with yellow arm pits may be replaced, I also know that a few pairs of my JCrew Capri sandals, which are wardrobe staples for me in the summer, need to be replaced.  I can also buy necessities: tights, stockings, undies, bras, socks, etc as needed.
2.  I have a $50.00 per month accessories budget.  This includes the above mentioned necessity items and any costume jewelry, scarves I might want to update my wardrobe.  For this purpose, the definition of accessory does NOT include shoes or purses.
3.  Back to point #1, in order to replace any of these items, I have to use the money I get from selling my own items on ebay/JCA exchange etc.  Right now I have a $198 balance in my paypal account.  My accessories budget does not come out of this paypal fund.
4.  I can receive clothing and stuff as gifts for my birthday etc.
5.  This is a work in progress so I can amend these rules at any time:)

I plan on documenting my shopping ban on my blog...I think that will be fun.  I'm curious how this will affect me emotionally.  I'm used to pretty much buying whatever I want.

Wish me luck!  And please know that I still plan on doing OOTD's and product reviews as well as window shopping/trying on at my favorite stores throughout thsis year.



  1. Good luck & have fun. Happy New Year! :-)

  2. Good Luck!!! It's definitely something I should also do, seriously!!

  3. Wow! I am impressed. I know what you mean though - I go through my closet sometimes and find things I forgot I owned. There just isn't enough room for all my stuff and end up only wearing the same few things I can see easily and then think I need more. I need to learn to shop my closet (the backs, sides and other storage areas) first!

    I look forward to seeing how you do! Good Luck!

  4. Good luck! What a challenge! I look forward to following your progress:)