Friday, October 29

See you on the other side.....

WOW...I'm a terrible blog owner.....this is my second post for the entire month of October.....ughhhh!!!

I'm here to say Happy Halloween!!!!  Be safe and have fun.....

My DH and I are off to Scotland for a 2 week sojourn......

I'll be back with regular posts when I return.......

Adieu for now:)


Tuesday, October 5

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews......

This Sunday found my husband at the Eagles v. Redskins game, and me, free to shop, at my local Anthropologie.  I did a quick run through the store and grabbed a few tops and sweaters to try.  I came home with a few things....I'll share those later.  I was on the hunt for casual tops for jeans this fall so that is all that I tried on.

Corinithian Top, Retails for $78.00, my Anthro had two colors.

My impression is that this top would look best tucked into a high waisted skirt.  I really liked the boat-neck.  It was very flattering, I also really liked the beading on the shoulders.  I thought this added an interesting touch to an otherwise plain shirt.  While I did really like it, I did not purchase it because it does fit into my wardrobe.  But it is a very nice piece.  I would say it fits TTS.  I'm wearing a Medium.

Humbled Hydrangeau Top, Retails for $68.00, I'm wearing a Medium.

I really enjoyed this top!  The print is very pretty, the cotton/modal is super soft, and the fit is flattering.  I think that it will layer very well under chunky knits for fall/winter.  I decided to wait until it goes on sale.  I don't really need another short sleeved shirt right now.  But, I liked the length (I'm 5'9 for reference).  And I think you could dress it up or down and wear it through all of the seasons.  Overall a good investment.

College Ruled Top, Retails for $58.00, I'm wearing a Medium.

I loved this piece.  And actually, this shirt was the entire reason I decided to head over to Anthro.  I found it located in the Lounge section.  The cotton is super soft and I love how long it is.  I think it is interesting how the stripes are only in the middle of the shirt.  It does a good job of cutting up the whole stripe effect.  I don't love this along!  However, when you add a scarf and a chunky knit sweater (I'm wearing it with JCrew's Marled Wool Cardigan) it really adds interest to a casual outfit.  This came home with me.  I'm still not %100 sold but I'm going to think on it.  (I also go the last one in my size!)

And a quick OOTD, super casual but oh well!  I had a camera and a mirror so here you go.
Go Eagles!  (They lost:)

Have you found anything recently an Anthro?  What are you craving from their fall stock?


Saturday, October 2

OOTD: Fall Staples -- JCrew Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt and Autumn Plaid Scarf and Gap Forever Skinny Jeans Reviews

I'm all about wardrobe staples....that key accessory, shoe style, denim brand, jacket, or outfit combination that "old reliable."  It always works and you know it always looks good.  

When I think of my casual FALL wardrobe staples....a few things come to mind for me:  flattering slim denim, merino wool sweaters, and scarves.  Every casual outfit I wear in the FALL consists of at least one of these elements....and also when paired together they work so well.....if it is a little cooler, throw on a blazer for your outerwear.  And in a very casual setting wear flatters, or for something a little more dressed up throw on some boots or heels.

This outfit embodies all three of my key pieces.  It really is nothing special.  But it makes me feel put together and confident.

Scarf:  JCrew Autumn Plaid Scarf now $29.99
Sweater:  JCrew Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt  now $49.50
Shoes:  Cole Haan Nike Air Nude Wedges from years ago
Watch:  Michael Kors Tortoise Chronograph

Now for a few quick reviews:

JCrew Autumn Plaid Scarf....mine is in the green color.  I was feeling under the weather for most of this week and my husband surprised me with this last night!  Thank you, honey!  I actually have been pining after this scarf for quite sometime now.  The material is lightweight and soft.  It is not overly long or too narrow and I like how the fabric drapes.  I wouldn't call it is really more for effect!  The scarf is a great buy because it looks good with beiges, creams, grays, and black.  So it a great way to spice up your neutral sweaters.

JCrew Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt.....I sort of have a problem with these.

As you can see.

Yes, I own 7 of these...and I plan on ordering 2 more.  I got my first one last fall in the dark charcoal color and have been addicted ever since.  The cut of these remind me of the jaspe sweatshirts from last year...but I like how the merino wool makes them a little bit more dressed up.  They hold up well to dry cleaning or sometimes I dry-el them at home and I never had a problem.  I have had issues with some of the JCrew merino wool pieces over the past few seasons.  However, for some reason, I think it may be the weight of the merino wool used for the boyfriend sweatshirt, I haven't had any problems with these.  (Last fall their vneck merino sweaters were too thin and the material showed pilling and even pulls after only one or two wearings.  I hated them and took them all back to my B&M.)  I like how effortless and comfortable this sweater is.  I like the longer length (I am 5'9 for reference).  I'm basically in love with them. 

Lastly, the GAP Forever Skinny Jeans.  I tried these on during the GAP denim promo BOGO a few months back.  I wasn't expecting much at all.  I haven't bought GAP denim since high school.  But I heard they revamped their styles and the BOGO lured me in.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  These jeans are very comfortable, super flattering, and relatively cheap at $59.50.  I could not wear them tucked into boots but they look great with flats or casual heels.  They have a lot of stretch in the fabric and they look good with a belt.  They are low rise without having the plumber crack issue.  Overall for fit, I would say that they run one size large.  I bought one size smaller than my usual denim size.

What are your fall staple pieces??

Have a great weekend lovelies!