Saturday, June 13'll poke your eye out!!!!

Dear Fergie:

You may long for the days when you drove a mustang....but, you're rich! This is obvious you may say, you are multi-platinum selling recording artist. And, I'm pretty sure you have a clothing line...which brings me to my point......WTF....seriously, WTF, is this:

Ummm...where to start, the black jeans and boots (not pictured, I saw the performance this morning on the Today show...I think) are okay, even fashionable. But as we move above your waist, WTF is that girdle/S&M belt/brassiere that you are wearing??!!?!?! All you need is a pair of wings attached and you could be in a goth Victoria's secret fashion show. Your shirt....well, to be honest, while cute, it just doesn't go...not even a little...with the rest of the outfit!? I have a similar shirt and wear it with tailored shorts or under a business suit, and I always wear my bra under it. And, finally, yes, finally.....what in the sam-hill H-E-double hockey stick is that thing on your arm/fingers. I love Edward Scissorhands...Freddie Kreuger, not so much....but they wore this accessory well, you my dear, DO NOT!!!! Your arm looks like something out of a Tim Burton Halloween movie. So, dear Fergie, this brings me to my first and final point....your rich, GET A STYLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!


Thursday, June 11

I haven't given up on 8 Hour Brunch....I Swear!!!!

So.....where have I been you may ask??? Well, the last two weeks with work have been insane I have worked 80-90 hours both I'm burning the candle at both ends and literally running on caffeine.....ick!

And just as I was getting back to starting my blogging and writing my "Skinny Bitch" review, (it is half way done by the way), DH and I decided to go to a few open houses last weekend. Well, fast forward one week and I am on the phone with realtors, preparing our house for sale and negotiating a sale contingency contract. So hopefully, fingers crossed we will be the proud owners of a lovely new construction home this coming November!!! Yay!

Now for the ick part. So yesterday, I arrive home from one of my 14 hour days (4am to 6pm), and notice a strange smell in my current home. So I venture to the basement and almost pass out when I realize the entire front of the basement is FLOODED with WATER!!!!!!!!!!! After screaming, calling my DH, running upstairs and changing, I return to the basement to try to find out what is causing this mess. Basically, the cap blew off the exit sewar yeah, my basement is full of not only water, but sewage....gross!!! And here is my question: who the hell thinks that capping a pipe with a piece of wood and cement is a good idea!!?? Seriously, who?? Because, that person who once owned my house, I'd like to meet them so that I can give them a piece of my mind and my plumbing bill!

So, this has been my last two weeks.....I cannot make any promises of posting this weekend because I have to spend the entire weekend decluttering the house and drying out the basement so that the house can be listed for sale next week.

So yeah, don't give up on 8 Hour Brunch!! I promise to be back bigger and better than ever in the very near future!