Saturday, June 13'll poke your eye out!!!!

Dear Fergie:

You may long for the days when you drove a mustang....but, you're rich! This is obvious you may say, you are multi-platinum selling recording artist. And, I'm pretty sure you have a clothing line...which brings me to my point......WTF....seriously, WTF, is this:

Ummm...where to start, the black jeans and boots (not pictured, I saw the performance this morning on the Today show...I think) are okay, even fashionable. But as we move above your waist, WTF is that girdle/S&M belt/brassiere that you are wearing??!!?!?! All you need is a pair of wings attached and you could be in a goth Victoria's secret fashion show. Your shirt....well, to be honest, while cute, it just doesn't go...not even a little...with the rest of the outfit!? I have a similar shirt and wear it with tailored shorts or under a business suit, and I always wear my bra under it. And, finally, yes, finally.....what in the sam-hill H-E-double hockey stick is that thing on your arm/fingers. I love Edward Scissorhands...Freddie Kreuger, not so much....but they wore this accessory well, you my dear, DO NOT!!!! Your arm looks like something out of a Tim Burton Halloween movie. So, dear Fergie, this brings me to my first and final point....your rich, GET A STYLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!



  1. Is that weird or what??? Maybe she is trying to be an Icon....

  2. OH I just saw bellow your new post about the Skinny Bitch Book. Did you buy it? I just finished to read mine. I love that book. Yes, it's a little extreme for me...but the contest it's very helpful. Did you get the Skinny Bitch Journal?

  3. Okay...Fergie is a freak. I just don't like her style at all. I mean, she probably is just the nicest person, but man...hard to tell from her tough-as-nails exterior...(and this is coming from someone who LOVES Jillian from the Biggest Loser).

    OOTD: I have the Skinny Bitch book. I like it, but right now (I am still nursing) I can't follow their advice. That said, I can adjust some of my eating habits to be more like what they recommend...I eat more fresh produce (esp. in the summer) and try to limit my meat intake. I will NEVER be able to limit milk and cheese, though...that is where I draw my line...

  4. love the edward scissorhands and fergie kruger comments. tooooo funny.

  5. Fergie wore those nails on an American Idol performance that was quite awesome...check it out on youtube!

  6. Yikes. Nice...costume, I hope? Still scary, though.