Saturday, February 26

Quick OOTD and update

I'm alive!! Work has been crazy including a few business trips.

Went out to dinner for a friends birthday and wore this:

Skirt: gap tweed mini
Sweater: jcrew merino v neck
Tights: jcrew
Shoes: jcrew

I'll be back with regular posts soon:)

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Monday, February 7

CSN Giveaway Winner!!!!!!!

I've very excited to announce the winner of my giveaway. selected:
And the winner is:

Friday, February 4

New Anthropologie Catalogue 2011 issue 2

I want these:

-love these looks!!!

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Tuesday, February 1

Resolutions: One Month Check in....

So 31 one days down, 31 days without buying a SINGLE piece of clothing.  

I did spend my January accessories budget on 1 scarf at TJMaxx for 9.99, a diamante cuff bracelet for my upcoming Vegas trip (12.99), and 3 pairs of tights.

But, I stuck to my guns and I have not bought a single piece of clothing or a single pair of shoes!  I'm very happy about this.  The first two weeks were kind of hard, I spend a good amount of my free time online "web window shopping".  However, over the past few weeks I've started to fill this time with other activities, specifically reading different historical websites.  I've also begun to do some creative writing again which is an excellent outlet for any stress I might be having.

The JCrew new arrivals have tested my will power.  I really want this dress!!!  Like in the worst way!  I keep going back and looking at it, and thinking of all of the belts, sandals, necklaces, cuffs, and scarves that I already own that will fantastic with it!  And I think the price is pretty reasonable.  But, I'm holding out!

I'm would like the navy color.  Has anyone tried this dress?  I'm curious about how it fits.......