Sunday, November 21

Scotland Trip Part 1.....

Here is a quick peek into the first few days of our trip to Scotland.  I have been to Scotland before, I was fortunate enough to study at the University of Edinburgh for a semester as an undergraduate.  However, most of my time was spent in Edinburgh and despite a few trips to the Highlands, I did not see that much of the country.  My husband has always wanted to go as golf and Scotch are among his top loves in life:)  So when it came time to book our fall vacation, the choice was obvious to both of us.  We rented a car and saw much of the are a few pictures from the first few days of our journey:  We actually took over 500 pics!

We stayed in East Ayrshire for a few days, this is the golf course at our hotel.

Turnberry Golf Course

Entrance to Culzine Castle, seat of the Kennedy family, handed over to the Royal Trust of Scotland in 1948 because of the 75% inheritance tax.  (Thank you Parliament!)....The entrance gate was intentionally designed to look like ruins.
Culzine Castle which sits on a bluff over the Irish Sea...we went on a tour through the house, but no pictures allowed.  It was filled with amazing antiques and portraits.

The ruins of Kennedy Castle, the original home of the Kennedy family of Culzine.  Mary Queen of Scots stayed here at one point for a few nights.  The castle was abandoned in the 1500s after Culzine was built.  Over the centuries the castle has begun to crumble into the sea and their was a fire which destroyed the rest of it in the 1700s.

Glengoyne Distillery, located about 45 minutes outside Glasgow.

Inside the distillery.

Loch Awe

Waterfall into Loch Awe.

Chapel on Loch Awe.

Inveraray looks like a Fairy Tale palace.  

More to come.....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Friday, November 19

Shout out.....Lisa Eldridge, Makeup Artist/Creative Director, no7

Gasp......your probably like "What the What????".....2 posts in one day from THIS blog!!  Yeah, what can I say, I'm trying to make up for my pathetic lack of posts during the month of October, and if I'm being honest, November too....but I was away and then playing work catch-up so that's sort of an excuse right?!?

Lisa with her kitten, Betty and her amazing beauty archives.

Seriously, have you heard of Lisa Eldridge??  If not, you should make yourself aware.....she is absolutely fabulous.  She's like this amazing makeup Guru/artist who has been working in the industry for 20 or so years.  Any given month, one or more of the beauty magazines on your coffee table probably has her work featured on the cover or in a spread.  She's worked with all of the big names in Hollywood.  

A little known secret, she has a Beauty Channel on Youtube.  Basically, she posts 5-15 minute videos detailing how to achieve different looks, wear makeup trends, fight aging with makeup, and use new products on the market.  She also does product reviews, she's so connected in the industry she is often sent items way before they launch.  For example, she had the new Burberry Beauty line back in May/June of this year and it didn't come out until this summer.  Most of her videos are her putting makeup on herself.  

She's a 42 year old woman and she always shows you how she looks without makeup and then how she looks at the end.  Basically, she's stunning and just plain fantastic!!!  She also uses a huge mix of products including drug store and high-end.  She approaches make-up as art.....and she is always talking about how she gets inspiration etc.  

Her videos are full of little tips and tricks like that which often lead to me to have my little a-ha moments.  It is amazing some of the differences I've seen in my own makeup looks because of her tips.

Lisa and one of her Japonesque lipstick pallettes.

Here are links to Lisa's YouTube channel, blog, and biography.

So go and check out her YouTube channel and tell me what you think.....I swear I learn something from almost every video.  

Do you love makeup?  If so, where do you get inspiration from?  Or where do you get makeup tips/tricks from?


WOOTD: Shades of Gray......and Brown???

Good morning!!! could not come soon enough for me this week.  My first full week back to work has been a little jarring....thank goodness, next week is a short week because of the Holiday.  Yay!

Slight delay on posting my vacation photos, we can't find the usb computer connection cord....I have to pick a new one up this weekend.  

But, I have been snapping a few pics this week of my WOOTDs.  You'll notice a theme here, black, gray, more black, and gray.  I only wore color one day this week...and it wasn't that bright at all.  I think that my clothing choices have been matching my mood and the weather.

Look one:
Leopard Print Shell:  Ann Taylor 2008
Suit:  The Limited, Fall 2010
Shoes:  Generic pointy pumps
Jewelry:  David Yurman Bracelet, Tag Watch

Dress:  Talbots Knit Wrap Dress in Black (here)
Jacket:  H&M Fall 2009, Waist tie is cinched in the back
Black Tights:  Hues via TJMaxx
Shoes:  Black Michael Kors wedges
Necklace:  The Limited or Accesorize (can't remember)

Quick review of the Talbots Dress.  I love this and actually purchased the turtleneck version in addition to this wrap version.  This dress runs huge....I had to get a size Small and I'm normally a size 8-10.  It is also relatively long, I am 5'9 and it hits at right below my knee cap.  But, it is a fantastic staple piece for my fall/winter work wardrobe and it looks amazing with sweaters, coats, and blazers.  The material is a wool blend with enough stretch to maintain its shape very nicely.  The wool blend is very soft and warm.  I scored this during a 25% off promotion.....check out Gigi's blog for the latest promo codes.

Scarf:  Leopard Print Gray from H&M
Pants:  Ann Taylor 
Sweater:  JCrew Merino Boyfriend Sweater
Shoes:  Cole Haan Air Miranda Pumps LOVE!!!! (click here)
Black Leather Handbag:  Audrey Brooke via DSW (click here for the suede version)

Quick review of the bag which I bought only about 3 weeks ago.  I had a credit to DSW and couldn't find any shoes so I wandered over the bags section and found this giant beauty.  With the store credit and a percentage off coupon, this went home with me.  This bag is HUGE!! and I specifically bought it with travel in mind.  It has two large zipper pockets and an open middle pocket.  There are separate compartments for cell phone, pens, etc inside the zipper part.  This bag is HUGE.....16x5x11 to be exact.  I can fit all of my regular purse items in it, in addition to several magazines, a wrap/scarf, water bottle, and (gasp) even my laptop.  I will say when it is loaded up, the thing weighs a ton.  But, it is convenient for sure.  I've taken it shopping a few times and have just put my small purchases inside of it instead of taking a bag.  It has gold detailing including a gold chain shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap is very heavy.  I specifically bought this bag because I wanted a huge black purse with gold detailing that would fit a ton of stuff into it.  I don't use this bag everyday, but it is fantastic for travel, running errands in the city, or taking my laptop to do work at a local coffee shop.

My one "colorful" outfit this week:
Suit:  JCrew Tweed Skirt Suit, Fall 2005
Sweater:  JCrew Merino V-neck
Scarf:  Anthropologie Scarf, Fall 2009
Shoes:  Cole Haan Air Talia Mid Pump in Chocolate Suede (click here for black suede)

Note:  Dear JCrew:  Please come out with an updated version of your tweed suiting....when it comes time to retire mine, I think I might cry!

Well ladies, that's it for this week's work wear.  Nothing too special, I had so much work to make up it is amazing I even managed to put any successful outfits together.....Adieu for now!



Monday, November 15

You have my attention......

So, I'm back from across the pond.  Just a quick post today, I promise to post some pictures and stories from our Scottish adventures later this week.

I was pleased to see the JCrew Holiday 2010 catalogue waiting for me in my mail queue.  I'm not so impressed with the "mood" of the catalogue shoot.  I miss the days of amazing destinations catalogues; however, in this economy, I have to give the Crew some credit for not hauling their entire staff overseas.  However, even just a venture into upstate New York or out among the Manhattan brownstones would have been more interesting than the boring factory, white background setting.  Oh well, that aside, I pretty much covet every single thing in the catalogue.  A bit of the styling and some of the shoes are crap, but overall, I'm kind of in LOVE!

I really want this:
However, the $1800.00 price tag is holding me back....LOL!!!  (I wouldn't even dream of spending that much money on a JCrew purse).....It hasn't sold out yet online and I'm curious to see if it does, the price point is very high for JCrew in my opinion.

I'm really trying to be good, actually I don't have much a choice since we have to pay the massive Amex bill from our trip.......oh well, at least Christmas is right around the corner, time to take advantage of that "email to a friend" feature on my favorite websites.......

I ordered this a little while back from Forever21 and I'm trying to figure out how to style it.  (sorry it is not available online anymore, at least not that I can find):

I'm thinking skinny jeans, booties, or knee high heeled boots, and possibly my brown leather motorcycle jacket.  I'm not sure though....I also am thinking of throwing in a neutral colored knit scarf to "rough" it up a bit.  I don't know, what do you guys think?  Suggestions are always welcome......