Friday, November 19

Shout out.....Lisa Eldridge, Makeup Artist/Creative Director, no7

Gasp......your probably like "What the What????".....2 posts in one day from THIS blog!!  Yeah, what can I say, I'm trying to make up for my pathetic lack of posts during the month of October, and if I'm being honest, November too....but I was away and then playing work catch-up so that's sort of an excuse right?!?

Lisa with her kitten, Betty and her amazing beauty archives.

Seriously, have you heard of Lisa Eldridge??  If not, you should make yourself aware.....she is absolutely fabulous.  She's like this amazing makeup Guru/artist who has been working in the industry for 20 or so years.  Any given month, one or more of the beauty magazines on your coffee table probably has her work featured on the cover or in a spread.  She's worked with all of the big names in Hollywood.  

A little known secret, she has a Beauty Channel on Youtube.  Basically, she posts 5-15 minute videos detailing how to achieve different looks, wear makeup trends, fight aging with makeup, and use new products on the market.  She also does product reviews, she's so connected in the industry she is often sent items way before they launch.  For example, she had the new Burberry Beauty line back in May/June of this year and it didn't come out until this summer.  Most of her videos are her putting makeup on herself.  

She's a 42 year old woman and she always shows you how she looks without makeup and then how she looks at the end.  Basically, she's stunning and just plain fantastic!!!  She also uses a huge mix of products including drug store and high-end.  She approaches make-up as art.....and she is always talking about how she gets inspiration etc.  

Her videos are full of little tips and tricks like that which often lead to me to have my little a-ha moments.  It is amazing some of the differences I've seen in my own makeup looks because of her tips.

Lisa and one of her Japonesque lipstick pallettes.

Here are links to Lisa's YouTube channel, blog, and biography.

So go and check out her YouTube channel and tell me what you think.....I swear I learn something from almost every video.  

Do you love makeup?  If so, where do you get inspiration from?  Or where do you get makeup tips/tricks from?



  1. Ok, now I'm obsessed with her too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes. I love makeup. And orange blush with pink lipstick is one of the worst crimes of intent I know:).