Monday, November 15

You have my attention......

So, I'm back from across the pond.  Just a quick post today, I promise to post some pictures and stories from our Scottish adventures later this week.

I was pleased to see the JCrew Holiday 2010 catalogue waiting for me in my mail queue.  I'm not so impressed with the "mood" of the catalogue shoot.  I miss the days of amazing destinations catalogues; however, in this economy, I have to give the Crew some credit for not hauling their entire staff overseas.  However, even just a venture into upstate New York or out among the Manhattan brownstones would have been more interesting than the boring factory, white background setting.  Oh well, that aside, I pretty much covet every single thing in the catalogue.  A bit of the styling and some of the shoes are crap, but overall, I'm kind of in LOVE!

I really want this:
However, the $1800.00 price tag is holding me back....LOL!!!  (I wouldn't even dream of spending that much money on a JCrew purse).....It hasn't sold out yet online and I'm curious to see if it does, the price point is very high for JCrew in my opinion.

I'm really trying to be good, actually I don't have much a choice since we have to pay the massive Amex bill from our trip.......oh well, at least Christmas is right around the corner, time to take advantage of that "email to a friend" feature on my favorite websites.......

I ordered this a little while back from Forever21 and I'm trying to figure out how to style it.  (sorry it is not available online anymore, at least not that I can find):

I'm thinking skinny jeans, booties, or knee high heeled boots, and possibly my brown leather motorcycle jacket.  I'm not sure though....I also am thinking of throwing in a neutral colored knit scarf to "rough" it up a bit.  I don't know, what do you guys think?  Suggestions are always welcome......


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  1. Welcome back! I can't wait to see pics from your trip! I'm sure you had a fantastic time. :)

    I am also in love with the bag, but not sure why they're charging so much $$$. You can get some designer bags close to that, so why go for J.Crew instead?

    On the outfit I think skinny jeans, booties, and the leather jacket sound great. You could also try a long cardigan over it?