Thursday, March 25

Future Final Sale Items......

I think it is fairly evident that 90's fashion is coming back into style for this summer/fall. 90's trends include tiny bright colored floral, clogs, short shorts, tight rolled jeans, and many others.....but when I was checking out the new arrivals over at JCrew I came across these:

Really, JCrew.......overalls....this is one 90's trend I wish would stay in 1994!! First off, they are not flattering on anyone....unless you are under 8 years old or painting your house and not planning on going outside for any reason, I don't want to see you in these! Secondly, what grown woman is going to wear these, especially someone who shops at JCrew whom I am going to assume style-wise leans towards classic sophisticated pieces.

Now, I will give JCrew some credit and say that the way they have it styled with the gladiator sandals, rolled up, and sequined tank, does make it look a little more "now." I could possibly see some 22 year old hipster rocking this look. But, JCrew, know your demographic, I don't think the majority of your shoppers are 22 year old hipsters...they make their own distressed denim!

Final word on this hot mess: JCrew you should have left this trend for the Crew Cuts, and I expect to see loads of overalls in the final sale section very soon!!


My Conundrum.....Google Reader

So I know I'm a little late in the game with jumping on the google reader bandwagon....but I've recently started using it to stay up to date on all of the blogs that I follow. I downloaded the app to my iphone and it works great for me to catch up on my reading when I'm grabbing a coffee or just need a 5 minute break from the work world. But, I feel like I'm losing the full effect of blog land by doing is almost like i am taking the lazy man's way out. Because, unless I'm wrong and I really hope that I am, I don't think that you can post comments from google reader......If someone knows how and I am wrong, please leave me a comment and tell me how the heck to do it?!?! Thanks:) In the meantime please know that I am visiting and reading all of the blogs that I follow on almost a daily basis.


Sunday, March 21

JCrew: You're kinda awesome!

Dear JCrew:

I was so surprised to receive my mail today and find a letter from you. Hmmm...what could it be?!?! It was a work fax that I had sent at the same time I was packing up a box of online items I was going to return. My 3 page fax must have gotten shuffled into the return box. I was so impressed that someone at the warehouse took the time to put it in an envelope and mail it back to me. THANK YOU!!! That is really great customer service.


Wednesday, March 17

OOTD: St. Paddy's Day....3/17/2010

Happy Paddy's Day fellow bloggers!!! But more about this beautiful weather!?!? All of my fellow Northeasterners will know what I'm referring it is 68 degrees and sunny!! In one word....."SPRING!!!" and this weather change cannot come too many of you, I am tiring of my winter wardrobe....I long for tanks, sandals, and sunglasses. I never really do Outfit of the Days but in the spirit of this lovely weather, I thought why the heck not.....I also got a new camera for my birthday (thank you Darling Husband!)....(alas, these photos are not taken with the new camera...I'm still learning how to use it!).....Without further I am in all my transitional spring glory:

(Please note: the pics are out of order...but I'm in a rush and don't have time to redo them all)

My shoes are Nine West Gladiator kitten heels...I picked these up at TJMaxx a few days ago for a steal $34.99 to be exact. I have been on the hunt for a great pair of gladiator inspired sandals for almost a year now and I finally found them...I love the grayish nude is a great neutral and I adore the fact that they have a 1.5 inch wood kitten heel. I feel that unless you have very thin legs and ankles, the flat gladiators can be a challenge to pull off...these add the little bit of height necessary to elongate the leg and be super flattering.
My top is the Anthropologie Roads Askew which you can currently find here on their website. The material is so comfy and the colors while in a darker palate, are much brighter than my crappy iphone camera is illustrating. I also just love the bead detailing at the neck, I am such a sucker for any kind of embellishment on a top. On a side note, like many bloggers that I follow, I have been paying more attention to Anthro lately than the Crew. I personally feel that if you are on the look out for a few great embellished tees or tanks for spring, check Anthro first. The price points on many of their knits is very similar if not lower than JCrew. And I feel like I am getting a more unique product in most cases.
So like I said earlier, the pics are out of order. So here are all of the items put together into my outfit. I call this a spring transitional outfit because it is a pretty dark color palette. I am wearing the JCrew Matchstick Jeans, size 30R and the Double Breasted JCrew merino cardi which is currently on sale for $39.99 to complete my outfit. The cardi is a size M. Mini Review: I think this runs a little bit big, I probably would have preferred a small but I like the slouchier fit. I also really like how this looks both buttoned and left open. It works well on my body type...whatever that may be. I know that some other bloggers didn't fall in love...and I sorta agree. I got mine (I have the pinkish salmon color and the black) on a promo and I can confidently say that I would not pay full price for this item. But I like how it has a different silhouette than most of my other black cardis. Just my thoughts.....
What do you think? How are you transitioning into Spring?

Sorry for all of the spelling errors but I'm in a mad rush...I'm off to get my hair did:)

xoxo lovelies!