Thursday, March 25

My Conundrum.....Google Reader

So I know I'm a little late in the game with jumping on the google reader bandwagon....but I've recently started using it to stay up to date on all of the blogs that I follow. I downloaded the app to my iphone and it works great for me to catch up on my reading when I'm grabbing a coffee or just need a 5 minute break from the work world. But, I feel like I'm losing the full effect of blog land by doing is almost like i am taking the lazy man's way out. Because, unless I'm wrong and I really hope that I am, I don't think that you can post comments from google reader......If someone knows how and I am wrong, please leave me a comment and tell me how the heck to do it?!?! Thanks:) In the meantime please know that I am visiting and reading all of the blogs that I follow on almost a daily basis.



  1. Love the new blog look!

    OK, on google reader, you have to click on the blue title of the person's blog and it links you to their blog where you can then comment. Like I am now! Cause I was in GR-it's not awesome though-I wish you could just click something on GR! :D

  2. Susannah: Thanks for the tip, that helped big time! Glad you like the new blog look...hope you have a great day:) J.

  3. This is the main problem I have with it as well- it adds an extra step to commenting, making it more of a pain :(