Thursday, December 30

Happy New Year.....

Wishing all of my readers a safe and prosperous 2011!!!

Check back this weekend, I'm going to be a launching a new blog which will be tracking one of my major resolutions for 2011.  Stay Tuned!


Friday, December 24

Celebrity Outfit Inspiration......Tweed, Black, and Wide leg Denim

After several seasons of skinny denim, I am very excited to see wide leg denim coming back into fashion.  One of my favorite pairs of wide leg denim is my JBrand Love Story jeans......I stumbled across this picture of Ashley Simpson out and about running her Holiday errands in an effortless look featuring wide-leg denim.

This look features several wide and loose silhouettes so I think that a more tailored jacket, like Ashley's, does a nice job of keeping the lines leaner.  I also love the flats...perfect for pounding the pavement for those Christmas returns next week!  The logo gold/black Chanel button earrings give the outfit a nice pop.  I would totally rock this look to run errands!


Thursday, December 23

Celebrity Outfit Inspiration......Tartan and Leather

Well, I said in my last post that I was on blog hiatus until 2011; but, when you are on vacation and your husband is working and all of your Christmas preparations are can get kind of bored.  So I was spending some time perusing the internet and catching up on my celebrity gossip when I came across this picture of Emmy Rossum in this fantastic outift:

Photo credit:
Tartan Blazer
Leather Leggings
Rena Lange at ShopStyle

I don't know what it is about this outfit, but I just love it.  So festive and effortless, yet stylish at the same time.  I'm currently obsessed with all things Tartan (the reminder of my Scottish vacation earlier this fall).  I love cashmere, and this gray cashmere sweater she has on looks so cozy and comfy.  I'm also on the search for the perfect pair of leather leggings/ and skinny and I love this look so much!

Do any of you have leather pants?  If so, where did you buy them and how are you styling them?

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Tuesday, December 21

Merry Christmas...Blog Hiatus until 2011.....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays are upon us, and I still have sooo much to do, this blog is taking a hiatus until 2011.  See you all on the other side:)  Stay Safe!!!


Monday, December 13

JCrew Sutton Boots: Has anyone tried them???

So, again, I will voice my annoyance that the JCrew website does not have a review feature like the Anthro site!!!  So annoying!!

I've been coveting the Sutton Boots in both the flat and midheel style since they came out in early fall.  However, I cannot find any reviews on I am asking my readers for HELP!!!  (I haven't even seen anyone talk about them over at JCrew Aficionada).

The 25% off sale ends tonight, so I want to decide about them before that promo is over!  So any help would be soooo appreciated!

Has anyone tried these?  How did they fit??  Did you like them??  I want to order but have an overwhelming fear that they will be slouchy because they have no zipper.  


Tuesday, December 7

Anthro: The cutest gift for the girl who has everything......

I love scarves and I would love this or this:

It makes: 

Leave it to Anthro to come up with the cutest gift for the girl who has everything.  

This little kit retails for $138.00 (the snood pattern is $118.00), a little pricey in my opinion.  However, the material provided for the scarf is 100% wool.

Do you have any suggestions to get for the a girl who has everything?


Thursday, December 2

Exciting News......

We are going to be picking up the newest member of our family this Saturday, just in time for the Holiday Season!!!  Stay tuned.........