Monday, December 13

JCrew Sutton Boots: Has anyone tried them???

So, again, I will voice my annoyance that the JCrew website does not have a review feature like the Anthro site!!!  So annoying!!

I've been coveting the Sutton Boots in both the flat and midheel style since they came out in early fall.  However, I cannot find any reviews on I am asking my readers for HELP!!!  (I haven't even seen anyone talk about them over at JCrew Aficionada).

The 25% off sale ends tonight, so I want to decide about them before that promo is over!  So any help would be soooo appreciated!

Has anyone tried these?  How did they fit??  Did you like them??  I want to order but have an overwhelming fear that they will be slouchy because they have no zipper.  



  1. Yes girl! I ordered them and promptly returned them!
    The leather is so soft and supple and the stacked heel is perfect and comfortable but like you said, they have no shape and scrunch up in a weird go-go boot-ish way. Email me at saltwaterdreamsblog at gmail and I will send you pics of them on me if you'd like :)

  2. I got the Nottingham Boots off E-Bay in the Cognac color==wearing in the post you just commented on-and I think they are awesome! Very comfortable--side zip--I get mega-compliments on these!

  3. i returned them because they ended up being baggy at the ankle

  4. I was really excited for the flat boots - but promptly returned them. The leather is super thin and floppy, its a struggle to pull them over jeans. The overall design is beautiful but cheaply made, such a bummer. NOT worth it for $324 (including tax).

    I ended up purchasing a pair of Loeffler Randall Matilde boots (what I really wanted) instead. More than I wanted to spend (even with a 15% off coupon) but they're gorgeous, well-made and and least I know they'll last for seasons to come.