Tuesday, December 7

Anthro: The cutest gift for the girl who has everything......

I love scarves and I would love this or this:

It makes: 

Leave it to Anthro to come up with the cutest gift for the girl who has everything.  

This little kit retails for $138.00 (the snood pattern is $118.00), a little pricey in my opinion.  However, the material provided for the scarf is 100% wool.

Do you have any suggestions to get for the a girl who has everything?



  1. Anthro has the BEST gifts! That is my go to place if I don't have something specific I'm looking for.

  2. Nice idea, although I am sure you can buy all that wool and the needles for less than $30!

    Gift certificates for music or books always works for those who have everything. I see Annie Lennox has a Christmas CD. Starbucks sells it -- this morning I heard it while in there getting my coffee.

  3. Chasing Davies: I love Anthro gifts pretty and unexpected!

    Rose: LOL...great is VERY overpriced but such a cute idea for inspiration...I also need to check out that Annie Lennox Christmas album...I love her!

  4. How about knitting lessons to go with it? HA!