Friday, May 28

Future Final Sale Items.....Ballet Tutus Poolside...

I was catching up on the posts in my google reader when I came across the lovely Slastena from All or Nothing at All in her retro inspired JCrew one piece.  Doesn't she look amazing?  I haven't even ventured over to the Swim section on the JCrew website once this entire season.  The reason, I bought 3 new JCrew bikinis last year so I thought I was set.  But after seeing Slastena, I thought "I might need a retro one piece in my life."  So I clicked my browser over to JCrew....I love so many of their one pieces this season...I have two in my cart right now that I am trying to decide between.  More on that in another post.  While scrolling through the various Swim Collections, I came across this:

Presenting the JCrew Luxe TULLE swimsuit collection.  My first thought, "What, huh? Really?? WHY!!".  Seriously, Tulle...ewww...can you imagine how uncomfortable wet tulle would be.  The 
cuts are actually really cute and again retro which I'm loving.  But I'm NOT loving this ridiculous fabric choice.  Not only is tulle not liquid friendly, it snags on everything!  I don't know.  Maybe I'm missing the boat here.  But unless you are a member of a synchronized swim team, my final verdict on this is:  FINAL SALE!!!!

xoxo, J.

Thursday, May 13

OOTD: Featuring JCrew Sequin Henley and Silky Linen Slouchy Pant UPDATED

Went out with some of my girlfriends for dinner and some times:)

I wore:

Ann Taylor Necklace from 2008...I like it because it ties the green and silver/gray together
Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket from Prada (Fall 2007 or 2008?)

I love these pants and have since ordered them in the other two colors.  They are ultra flattering and super comfortable.  I also love the Sequin Striped Henley, again very comfortable while being so super stylish.
I haven't been loving Ann Taylor lately, its been so boring....but I do occasionally find a piece and I do quite like their shoes for work.  The Marissa Strappy Sandal I do not plan on wearing for work but they are so comfortable, I wore them for about 6 hours and spent close to 3 of those hours dancing.  So they come highly recommended, and they are in the nude color family so they elongate the leg...which we can all use.

UPDATE:  I wanted to talk about the fit on both of these items.  The Silky Linen Slouchy Pant stretched a little bit when I wore them (could have been all the dancing)...I'd say about a quarter inch through the hips and seat.  I checked the seams and they are still firmly intact.  I always find that linen and silk stretches so I sort of expected this.  The good news, the knees didn't get misshapen or anything like this.  And the waist has elastic so no worries about that stretching out.
The sequin stripe henley tank really held up well...I'm quite impressed.  I would say that this item fits TTS but if you are on the shorter side, small chested, or on the very thin side, I would suggest that you size down.  I didn't layer a tank under this to go out but I would wear a white favorite tank under this for daytime wear.  The sequins are very securely fastened and I didn't lose a single one.  It is also pretty long.  For reference, I am 5'9 and it hits me right around the low hip area (and I have a fairly long torso.)

It was a fabulous night out with the girls...something we don't do that often.  And we had so much fun, until some jerk stepped on my toe.  My big toenail split in the middle of the nail.  It hurt so much and blood was everywhere...(fortunately, I got my shoes off before they were ruined!) now I have half a toenail on my one toe...thank god for the Vietnamese nail salon...they slapped a fake nail and some acrylic on it and now it is good as new, but sort of running for about 3 weeks for me:)

Do you own any of these pieces, if so how do you style them?  I'm always looking for ideas.


Wednesday, May 12

The pantless trend -- Yay or Nay!?!?

Lady Gaga is really bringing on the fashion trends this year.  I found this interesting piece on the aol which discusses basically wearing panties out in public.  This is a huge trend in the haute couture fashion take a read and let me know what you think.  FYI:  JCrew is even mentioned as jumping on this trend.....

These babies are sold out!!
Here's the link to the article:

What are your thoughts?  Who should wear this trend?  If anyone?

For me personally, this is too far out of my comfort zone.  But, I am loving the spring/summer shorts trend and fully intend the jump on that bandwagon!

Have a great day, lovelies!!!


Friday, May 7

Ann Taylor Vintage Floral Sheath Dress Sells Out

Found this article about Ann Taylor.  Found it interesting....I know the brand has been facing some challenges lately, store closing and the such.  But, their constant percent off promos always entice me to check out the website.  They have had some really great pieces the past few months, especially jewelry and dresses.  And this was one of them:

Ann Taylor Vintage Floral Sheath Dress Sells Out

The article even mentions some of the dresses appearing on Ebay at extremely high prices.  We've all seen this phenomenon with JCrew items.

What are your thoughts on Ann Taylor?  Do you find things there?  Do you think they need a brand update, similar to Talbot's?

Have a great weekend everybody!

xoxo, J.

Thursday, May 6

Will JCrew jump on this trend.......

I'm going with a big "HELL NO!!!"......but I was perusing the internet when this headline on Yahoo's home screen popped up on my browser....."A new fashion trend.....the CATSUIT!!!".....seriously, ummm, yeah!

Here we have the lovely Jennifer Lopez and the very eccentric Lady Gaga sporting this bazaar new trend.  I sorta think it fits with Lady Gaga's stage persona, I mean have you seen some of her other weird ensembles??   If not, google it and you'll get an eye full.  But, Jennifer Lopez, who at 40 is a mother of 2, why is she wearing this.  It's sort of like a big billboard saying "I have so much money that at 40 after two children I can still wear Spandex from head to toe".....ummm..I saw pictures of the back view and it ain't pretty!

So, tangent aside, and back to the topic at hand.....I really hope this isn't a trend.  I wonder if this will start showing up in department stores.....God I hope not.  Not because I particularly hate it....(well okay I do, and I would never wear it)...but I'm already having nightmares about seeing the below lovely ladies sporting the trend:
These photos are courtesy of (click here).  Ha ha, so good for a belly laugh!  

LOL.....Have a great day!

xoxo, J.