Thursday, May 6

Will JCrew jump on this trend.......

I'm going with a big "HELL NO!!!"......but I was perusing the internet when this headline on Yahoo's home screen popped up on my browser....."A new fashion trend.....the CATSUIT!!!".....seriously, ummm, yeah!

Here we have the lovely Jennifer Lopez and the very eccentric Lady Gaga sporting this bazaar new trend.  I sorta think it fits with Lady Gaga's stage persona, I mean have you seen some of her other weird ensembles??   If not, google it and you'll get an eye full.  But, Jennifer Lopez, who at 40 is a mother of 2, why is she wearing this.  It's sort of like a big billboard saying "I have so much money that at 40 after two children I can still wear Spandex from head to toe".....ummm..I saw pictures of the back view and it ain't pretty!

So, tangent aside, and back to the topic at hand.....I really hope this isn't a trend.  I wonder if this will start showing up in department stores.....God I hope not.  Not because I particularly hate it....(well okay I do, and I would never wear it)...but I'm already having nightmares about seeing the below lovely ladies sporting the trend:
These photos are courtesy of (click here).  Ha ha, so good for a belly laugh!  

LOL.....Have a great day!

xoxo, J.


  1. bizarre, not bazaar

  2. Anon: Thanks for the FYI:) I write these posts in such a mad rush, I barely spell check...yeah bazaar would be a place or the magazine. have a great weekend!