Friday, May 7

Ann Taylor Vintage Floral Sheath Dress Sells Out

Found this article about Ann Taylor.  Found it interesting....I know the brand has been facing some challenges lately, store closing and the such.  But, their constant percent off promos always entice me to check out the website.  They have had some really great pieces the past few months, especially jewelry and dresses.  And this was one of them:

Ann Taylor Vintage Floral Sheath Dress Sells Out

The article even mentions some of the dresses appearing on Ebay at extremely high prices.  We've all seen this phenomenon with JCrew items.

What are your thoughts on Ann Taylor?  Do you find things there?  Do you think they need a brand update, similar to Talbot's?

Have a great weekend everybody!

xoxo, J.


  1. I think are updating the brand but the last piece I got (& kept) there was a plain gray knit sheath in the fall. There hasn't been anything lately that I had to have.

    I also have some issues with their customer service lately - at several different stores. It still kills me when (1) a retailer doesn't have the means to credit a return to the original credit card without the card itself - Target does it, Nordstrom does it (and oh let me tell you about the fun of doing returns when you lost your Visa and had to get a new card - that's interesting), (2) sends me 2 dresses - silk dresses, no less - in basically a shoe box, or (3) I have an SA who tried everything possible to NOT do my return on the card I am holidng in my hand since I don't have the time to look around and buy something else so that she can get a commission off me.

  2. Hey Heidi G: Great to hear from you...I've been missing your blog posts. But, regarding Ann Taylor, I totally agree with all 3 of your points and I would like to add a 4th. This also involves the lovely AT SAs. I had a return to make last week...I had ordered this really cute leather clutch online but when I received it, it had the most horrible chemical smell ever, so back it went. The SA who processed my return spent the entire time commenting about how cute it was and someone had just bought the shoes, and they don't stock the clutch, and blah blah blah! I wanted to hit her. I told her to open the plastic bag and smell the clutch...which she did...when she caught that chemical whiff the look on her face was priceless. She didn't say a word the rest of the return except to say Thank you and stop in again at the end. I left the store and LMAO!