Thursday, March 25

Future Final Sale Items......

I think it is fairly evident that 90's fashion is coming back into style for this summer/fall. 90's trends include tiny bright colored floral, clogs, short shorts, tight rolled jeans, and many others.....but when I was checking out the new arrivals over at JCrew I came across these:

Really, JCrew.......overalls....this is one 90's trend I wish would stay in 1994!! First off, they are not flattering on anyone....unless you are under 8 years old or painting your house and not planning on going outside for any reason, I don't want to see you in these! Secondly, what grown woman is going to wear these, especially someone who shops at JCrew whom I am going to assume style-wise leans towards classic sophisticated pieces.

Now, I will give JCrew some credit and say that the way they have it styled with the gladiator sandals, rolled up, and sequined tank, does make it look a little more "now." I could possibly see some 22 year old hipster rocking this look. But, JCrew, know your demographic, I don't think the majority of your shoppers are 22 year old hipsters...they make their own distressed denim!

Final word on this hot mess: JCrew you should have left this trend for the Crew Cuts, and I expect to see loads of overalls in the final sale section very soon!!



  1. Even the model looks leery. Bad sign, J. Crew. :) LOL.

  2. Hello Jordyn,
    Nice to "meet" you - I just found your blog after you posted on mine!
    I guess we think a lot alike! I became a follower!

  3. Jordyn- could not agree more. Who would want to add extra pounds to own frame, and just for mere $150+ (or whatever this worth).

  4. Jordyn,
    I left you an award on my blog last night - check it out! I hope you like it.

  5. I love the topic of this post, these will be on sale!!!!