Monday, April 5

JCrew:'s Top 10 Picks from the Fall Preview

Other bloggers have already been talking about the JCrew Fall 2010 preview.  I saw a post on my twitter from with their top picks from Fall 2010.

Check out this article from written by Lauren Sherman.  (All images courtesy of  

Looks like a fairly muted color palate (lots of grays, black, and ivory) with a very early 20th century vibe to the entire line.  I see trends from the 1910's, 20's, 30's and 40's.  Everything is very borrowed from the boys with a feminine twist.  I'm loving the shearling vests, and glitter glamour aesthetic.  

While I like a few of the trends, I'm kind of thinking these pictures are styled to channel a little too much Mary Kate and Ashley Olsson homeless glamour for my taste.  But, I'm still excited to see more because most of pieces probably stand beautifully on their own!

  Click here   
to read the article and check out all of the lovely pictures they have from the preview!

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