Friday, April 16

WOOTD: Work Outfit of the Day 4/16/2010

A new post series I'm going to try is WOOTD -- aka:  Work Outfit of the Day.  (If I stole this WOOTD from another blogger please let me know...I think I've seen it before but can't recall where)!  I LOVE looking at other bloggers' OOTD.  However, I find that most of the outfits posted out there are pretty casual.  I have to wear suiting (or scrubs) for work every single day.  I'm going to start doing a few posts a week on how I put my suiting together so it doesn't look so stuffy.  

Here is today's OOTD....right now I'm really into skirt suits with a shirt/blouse tucked in and a belt.  I also love me a pencil skirt and pretty much every skirt suit I own has one.

Today I'm wearing a really old suit from about 4 years ago.  I scored this on super clearance at Express.  We are talking like the entire suit for 40 bucks!  The catch -- I bought the jacket 2 sizes too big and the skirt 1 size too big.  I know an excellent tailor and for an additional $40 he resized the suit.  I don't know where else I could get an entire suit for $80!

Outfit details:
Suit:  Express, Spring 2005 
Belt:  JCrew (click here), Size Medium
Shirt:  JCrew Ruffle Tank (Spring 2009), Size XS (This thing ran HUGE!)
Shoes:  Nine West Nude kitten heel pumps, Spring 2010

Have a great weekend everybody!



  1. Absolutely adorable, loving the color combination on you! And what a steal of a deal - I need your tailor's phone number :)

    Hope you have the best weekend ever!

  2. Super cute! I cannot believe that is from Express 05-they do have some great stuff that will last for awhile though! Got your comment on MBR-what the what? I wonder if something is up-I mean she has had two blogs-maybe someone was stalking her or being nasty. She did have some haters-I just wish she would've said something to us so we could know what was up-freaky! I don't even KNOW what Twitter is-I am an incompetent. First of all, my phone is practically from Express 05 :D and second of all, yeah, I don't know what Twitter is/how to use it! :0 You should totally get on Twitter and try to find her-I will keep doing some research....