Wednesday, April 14

Future Final Sale Item.....

Hmmm....this is interesting.....First we had the splattered denim overalls, then we had the cropped leg jumpsuit and now we have this beautiful creation.....all seemingly influenced by JCrew's new found muse, the house painter.

My thoughts on this lovely's not hideous, it's not that expensive ($55.00), in fact I find it kind of boring.  I also don't think it looks good on the model at all, and I'm concerned on where that leaves the rest of us.  It looks too short-waisted, too tight through the leg; while, ironically the top of the romper looks very boxy.  I just think this is a disaster waiting to happen!

If anyone tries it be sure to let me know how it goes....but, until someone proves otherwise, my final word on this monstrosity, is "see ya in final sale!"



  1. Yes ma'am, I'm with you, final sale indeed! What's up with J.Crew?? =)

    Makes me smile that you have a whole label for "Future Final Sale Items" HEHE!

  2. I had this item in my "wishlist" when I first saw it but removed it a few days ago. I agree that the sizing/fit on the model just looks all wrong! I also don't love that it has long sleeves. This had potential to be a cute little romper but the execution just doesn't work. Maybe on sale, for $20 I'd give it a try.

  3. Trish: Thanks...that is the first thing I think about when I see some of this stuff...LOL

    Summerilla: I think you and ABC are two of the only girls who could totally rock this romper. If you end up trying it, let me know...i'm sure it would look great on you:)