Friday, November 19

WOOTD: Shades of Gray......and Brown???

Good morning!!! could not come soon enough for me this week.  My first full week back to work has been a little jarring....thank goodness, next week is a short week because of the Holiday.  Yay!

Slight delay on posting my vacation photos, we can't find the usb computer connection cord....I have to pick a new one up this weekend.  

But, I have been snapping a few pics this week of my WOOTDs.  You'll notice a theme here, black, gray, more black, and gray.  I only wore color one day this week...and it wasn't that bright at all.  I think that my clothing choices have been matching my mood and the weather.

Look one:
Leopard Print Shell:  Ann Taylor 2008
Suit:  The Limited, Fall 2010
Shoes:  Generic pointy pumps
Jewelry:  David Yurman Bracelet, Tag Watch

Dress:  Talbots Knit Wrap Dress in Black (here)
Jacket:  H&M Fall 2009, Waist tie is cinched in the back
Black Tights:  Hues via TJMaxx
Shoes:  Black Michael Kors wedges
Necklace:  The Limited or Accesorize (can't remember)

Quick review of the Talbots Dress.  I love this and actually purchased the turtleneck version in addition to this wrap version.  This dress runs huge....I had to get a size Small and I'm normally a size 8-10.  It is also relatively long, I am 5'9 and it hits at right below my knee cap.  But, it is a fantastic staple piece for my fall/winter work wardrobe and it looks amazing with sweaters, coats, and blazers.  The material is a wool blend with enough stretch to maintain its shape very nicely.  The wool blend is very soft and warm.  I scored this during a 25% off promotion.....check out Gigi's blog for the latest promo codes.

Scarf:  Leopard Print Gray from H&M
Pants:  Ann Taylor 
Sweater:  JCrew Merino Boyfriend Sweater
Shoes:  Cole Haan Air Miranda Pumps LOVE!!!! (click here)
Black Leather Handbag:  Audrey Brooke via DSW (click here for the suede version)

Quick review of the bag which I bought only about 3 weeks ago.  I had a credit to DSW and couldn't find any shoes so I wandered over the bags section and found this giant beauty.  With the store credit and a percentage off coupon, this went home with me.  This bag is HUGE!! and I specifically bought it with travel in mind.  It has two large zipper pockets and an open middle pocket.  There are separate compartments for cell phone, pens, etc inside the zipper part.  This bag is HUGE.....16x5x11 to be exact.  I can fit all of my regular purse items in it, in addition to several magazines, a wrap/scarf, water bottle, and (gasp) even my laptop.  I will say when it is loaded up, the thing weighs a ton.  But, it is convenient for sure.  I've taken it shopping a few times and have just put my small purchases inside of it instead of taking a bag.  It has gold detailing including a gold chain shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap is very heavy.  I specifically bought this bag because I wanted a huge black purse with gold detailing that would fit a ton of stuff into it.  I don't use this bag everyday, but it is fantastic for travel, running errands in the city, or taking my laptop to do work at a local coffee shop.

My one "colorful" outfit this week:
Suit:  JCrew Tweed Skirt Suit, Fall 2005
Sweater:  JCrew Merino V-neck
Scarf:  Anthropologie Scarf, Fall 2009
Shoes:  Cole Haan Air Talia Mid Pump in Chocolate Suede (click here for black suede)

Note:  Dear JCrew:  Please come out with an updated version of your tweed suiting....when it comes time to retire mine, I think I might cry!

Well ladies, that's it for this week's work wear.  Nothing too special, I had so much work to make up it is amazing I even managed to put any successful outfits together.....Adieu for now!




  1. Pretty outfits! I love grey and brown (camel) too right now. It looks so fresh.

  2. Thx Andi!! How's your novel writing month going BTW??? I'm curious...

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