Wednesday, July 1

I'm still alive I swear.....

Really....I swear...I have several posts to go up this weekend including FINALLY the review of Skinny Bitch.....


  1. You are just TOO cute! :) How is your basement and house? I hope all is going well for you! Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Looking forward to the upcoming posts! I think we all (or most of us) are a little crazy with the summer stuff.

  3. FFM...he he..thanks:) Basement is all fixed, but of course home owners didn't cover it so we had to pay for it out of pocket. But the house is up for sale and we put the escrow money down on our new home. Have a great 4th!

    HeidiG...craziness this is finally starting to settle down. I hope you and your fam have a great 4th!