Wednesday, July 15

I ran 5 miles and didn't die!!!

Well "Stella got her groove back!"......I did it.....if you read my post from July know about my frustration with getting back into running. Well I was successful and I overcame my fear, ran the 5 miles. I was slow as a turtle but all that matters is that I finished.

I am so motivated, I signed up for a half marathon on September 2oth!! right here in my area. That gives me exactly 10 weeks to get myself up to 13.1 miles.....I'm so glad that I have a new goal to work towards!!!

Have a great night all....and thank you sooo much for the support!


  1. You go girl! I wish I could run... I broke 5 bones in my back as a teenager and now I am not allowed to run to prevent my bones from rubbing.

  2. Yay you!! That is so awesome!! I am impressed.

  3. YAY JORDYN! That is absolutely AWESOME!!!