Thursday, July 2

Gwynnie got GOOP....(in this case...POOP)

So I've posted about Gwynnie Paltrow's GOOP newsletter before...and like most things it is hit and miss. I like her recipes and some of her gardening/exercise tips but I find her GET/aka shopping newsletters are pretty ridiculous. So this arrived in my email today....a newsletter about going green...which I think is great. But then while scrolling through the "recommended" products, I saw this:This is the "PeapodStarting at $12,500 Peter Arnell, a dear friend, is a design genius. He created this new neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) that runs entirely on electricity and emits no pollutants. It can be charged using a normal outlet and is the perfect way to get around short distances. You can sign up to pre-order the car online and then it will be delivered to your house. Expected to be available in October."

This looks pretty cool...however, in these trying economic times, I'm wondering who besides a celebrity is really able to afford $12500 for a NEV that can really only travel very locally. And additionally, I'm a little concerned about the "charging in a normal outlet"? What's that mean? I'm thinking I'll be on the front page of the local paper, wringing my hands, and crying about the $20K electric bill I recieved. I feel like a VESPA scooter, BIKE, or my own two feet would be a much more economical and environmentally conscious option than this new NEV. I just seems like a product plug via GOOP.....I'm just sayin'. So thank you Gwynnie but you should stick with recipes!



  1. I'm with you...but I think the design of the thing is the most vexing looks like an eyeball :)

  2. The car looks so weird - I agree the "plug in" part could be scary! Hello HUGE electric bills. I think this is going to be a pass!

  3. Weird. I think it looks like a computer mouse. But maybe I'll just run myself on down to the store and pluck down $12.5K on another car. Yeahhhhhh, we do that in my family.