Tuesday, October 5

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews......

This Sunday found my husband at the Eagles v. Redskins game, and me, free to shop, at my local Anthropologie.  I did a quick run through the store and grabbed a few tops and sweaters to try.  I came home with a few things....I'll share those later.  I was on the hunt for casual tops for jeans this fall so that is all that I tried on.

Corinithian Top, Retails for $78.00, my Anthro had two colors.

My impression is that this top would look best tucked into a high waisted skirt.  I really liked the boat-neck.  It was very flattering, I also really liked the beading on the shoulders.  I thought this added an interesting touch to an otherwise plain shirt.  While I did really like it, I did not purchase it because it does fit into my wardrobe.  But it is a very nice piece.  I would say it fits TTS.  I'm wearing a Medium.

Humbled Hydrangeau Top, Retails for $68.00, I'm wearing a Medium.

I really enjoyed this top!  The print is very pretty, the cotton/modal is super soft, and the fit is flattering.  I think that it will layer very well under chunky knits for fall/winter.  I decided to wait until it goes on sale.  I don't really need another short sleeved shirt right now.  But, I liked the length (I'm 5'9 for reference).  And I think you could dress it up or down and wear it through all of the seasons.  Overall a good investment.

College Ruled Top, Retails for $58.00, I'm wearing a Medium.

I loved this piece.  And actually, this shirt was the entire reason I decided to head over to Anthro.  I found it located in the Lounge section.  The cotton is super soft and I love how long it is.  I think it is interesting how the stripes are only in the middle of the shirt.  It does a good job of cutting up the whole stripe effect.  I don't love this along!  However, when you add a scarf and a chunky knit sweater (I'm wearing it with JCrew's Marled Wool Cardigan) it really adds interest to a casual outfit.  This came home with me.  I'm still not %100 sold but I'm going to think on it.  (I also go the last one in my size!)

And a quick OOTD, super casual but oh well!  I had a camera and a mirror so here you go.
Go Eagles!  (They lost:)

Have you found anything recently an Anthro?  What are you craving from their fall stock?



  1. I like the striped "lounge" top. it looks stylish AND comfy!

  2. Love the embellishment on the first top!

  3. I really, really love the Korinthian crazy cool!
    Kristina J.