Wednesday, January 19

Huh to the what......Featuring Banana Republic....

Dear Jenna:  Oops, I meant, Dear Banana Republic:



Apparently JCrew Spring 2010 catalogue styling is catching as this look, which could be right from the JCrew website, is currently featured on the Banana Republic website....ughhh!!!  Things like this make my shopping ban sooooo much easier!  I mean seriously, this makes the waif model look like she gained 30 lbs, how would this look on a normal person!!!  Answer:  NOT GOOD!

Just in case, you disagree with me and perhaps want to purchase this complete look click here:)


  1. Yes, why, really?! Jenna Lyons shouldn't have been allowed THERE.

  2. I saw that ensemble and agree with you 100%! - It's dreadful. Funny thing is, I was on the website this am and didn't see it. hahaha (Although I did buy the scarf, because I love pink and black - that's the ONLY reason - oh, and also, I had rewards cards!).

  3. Rose: couldn't agree more!

    Suzy: The scarf is really pretty...and if you actually take the time to look at the individual pieces they are all quite lovely. This is a prime example of styling gone wrong! LOL.

  4. What an atrocious outfit! The jeans/leggings are awful.