Wednesday, May 27

You Can Always Count on JCrew for Summer Suiting....

Confession time: I love JCrew suiting. It is extremely conservative and very expensive but I just LOVE it! I hold a special place in my heart for their summer suiting and I wait with anticipation for the April/May catalogues and website updates to peruse the Suiting section and plan my summer purchases. So this year, blah!, I was so not impressed.....until, the Chambray Suiting popped up. It is only available online/JCrew Catalogue so I waited for a decent promotion (besides free shipping) to order it! And when the SUMMER promo email came through, I filled up my shopping basket and clicked "Complete Order." And I am so glad that I did, I LOVE this suiting.

I have two other JCrew 3 piece (jacket, pants, dress) khaki suits from previous seasons. I have no idea what they are called...but one is navy and the other stone colored. They are both similarly cut and very classic Khaki NO STRETCH! However, I love them and wear them every week during the hot summer months.

The STRETCH Chambray Suiting fills a void that I have in my work wardrobe. This suiting is extremely light weight, perfect for the stifling summer heat; but, the stretch helps it to hold its shape. The dress is very flattering, I like the thicker straps (my other JCrew suiting dresses have very thin straps). Also, the wide panel under the bust looks really great with a waist cinching belt.

Here are some pics....if you have any questions, let me know!!!

Pictured: Stretch Chambray Trouser, $148.00, Item #14981, Stretch Chambray Blazer, $168.00, Item #14979. Pictured: Stretch Chambray Isabel Dress, $158.00, Item # 14983.

And....just for fun!!! Here's a close-up of my leopard print ColeHann peep-toes (Spring 2007) and my Essie Mini-Shorts polished toenails!!

Any questions, let me know!!!



  1. Jordan those look so good! Hot shoes, too. Glad the suiting worked out for you. All of the pieces look fab. Should last a number of years!

  2. Suiting is fabulous on you! Love love love!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm wearing the dress/jacket combo for the first time tomorrow....

  4. I love me some J . Crew suiting, and bathing suiting! Classic and lasts forever! Your peep toes are identical to my 2007 manolo d'orsay leopard peep toes.

    You look beyond gorgey in your hot little body!

  5. The Isabel dress and the trouser looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have the same one on my blog. The trouser looks 10 times better on you.

  6. Thanks ladies...MBR: Great to have you back:) OOTD: I love the suit...I couldn't find the trousers on your blog..but everything else looks great on you and I'm sure they do too:)