Friday, May 29

JCrew Haul...SUMMER order part deux....

I really need to go on a shopping ban like so many of the other bloggers!!! But in the meantime, I continue to keep stimulating the economy with my JCrew purchases. So, here is the remainder of my SUMMER promo code haul.

First up, the Slub Cotton Pleated Front tank, $29.50, Item # 14948, Pewter, Size Small. Overall, I have to say that I really like this item. The fit is good....Just for reference I'm 5'9 and wear a size 6/8 in JCrew. This top (like many of JCrew's tanks this season) seems to run huge. So while a small works well on my larger frame, I think some of you petite gals may swim in this. I like the color, the material (love slub cotton) and the detailing. The shape is flowy yet body conscious so it is very flattering. This is a definite keep for me!

Next up, the Sorbet Strip Cardigan, $79.50 on sale for $29.99, Item 13899 Size Medium, Bark Pewter color. I really love the color combination of this cardigan. This cardigan is the same style as the Summerweight V-neck Cardigan which I have in navy. I'm not the biggest fan of the looks nice enough and is very light weight but after the first 2 hours of wear the sleeves have stretched out. It needs to be washed every time it is worn and that is a pain in the neck. Additionally, the cardigan I recieved has some mis-stitching along the neckline and a snag on the right side. However, at $23.99 I may exchange this and keep it. I really like how it looks with khaki or grey shorts and the Slub Cotton pleated tank in pewter which I have on under it in the picture. I'm unsure, I may return it because there are many other sale items I like better.

Next up, the Soft Tee Ruffle Top, $39.50, Item # 16068, Color: Fresh Melon, Size Small. Again, this runs HUGE!!! I would actually like to try the XS just for reference. (It actually hangs lower in the front, I have the straps pulled back a bit). It feels great, it is the same material as the Cascading Ruffles Tank, which many of us JCA's own and love. However, this tank is kind of funny....I'm unsure how I feel about having a ruffle across my boobs!?!?! It seems a little odd, yet doesn't really look bad. This is a top I'm going to have to experiment with....I want to see how it looks with a cardigan or blazer over top. Overall I like the idea, but am unsure if I will keep it because I don't know how much I will wear it.

The last item in my haul is the Desert-sky cotton petal cami, $88.00, Item # 15657, Size 6, Color: Lemon Twist. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TANK!!! It is very versatile. The material is a very substantial cotton. The top is fully lined and not see through at all. It looks great with khaki shorts, jeans, capris, and under my khaki suiting. The color combination is just beautiful and will look fabulous with my weekly summer Mystic Tan:) The shape of the tank is very straight. I think that anyone who likes to have a defined waist line may not like this tank, but I am kind of straight up and down so it works for me. I think that this cami is worth the price as I will wear it almost weekly throughout the summer. A truly diverse piece that I am defintely looking forward to wearing!

What do you think of my haul? Should I keep/return the items? Anybody have any styling ideas?



  1. Love all your finds! Love the cardi with the pleated front tank and the shorts - looks great together. I understand your issue with the ruffle, but I think it looks really cute on you - hope the XS works for you.

    And the desert sky cami - just lovely - such a fun piece, enjoy!

    As far as styling ideas, my summer default is to pair everything with white jeans, which would work for all your pieces. :)

  2. Great stuff! That desert sky top is gorgeous! Everything looks great on you, but I totally understand what you are saying about the soft tee ruffle top. That may be one of those pieces you feel more comfortable wearing under a cardi (like the rolling ruffles?) Perhaps the smaller size will work better on you.

    Have fun shopping today...can't wait to see what you find! :)

  3. I'm not in love with the melon soft tee ruffle tank, But I think everything else is great!! I'll bet sizing down will help with the ruffle tank, and if not, there are soooo many great tees and tanks this spring/summer that I don't think you'll have a tough time finding a replacement.

  4. Confession: I copied you on the bark pewter sorbet stripe cardigan. It was on sale and I just could not resist. I ordered it in the mail...hope it looks half as good on me as it does on you!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments ladies....AppGal: the extra small fits much better. Zoet Moet: I love the sorbet stripe cardi...I hope you like it as much:) I've worn it loads and it was soo cheap!