Friday, May 22

"What is 8 Hour Brunch" you may ask????

Let me tell you.....

So, I have this amazing group of girlfriends, the core group is me, H, and L. And we have others who come and go. And when we were single, we were always together....happy hour, brunch, summers at the beach, crappy waitressing/bartending gigs......but, this little thing called LIFE intervened and as we got new jobs, bought houses, got married, and widened our circle's of friends, we found that sometimes 4-6-7-8 weeks would go by before we saw each other. We all finally decided that was just not acceptable so we started having a standing date for Sunday Brunch. The first few brunches were rather mundane affairs consisting of a quick catch up/gossip session over Eggs Benedict; very often cut too short my our other obligations. Well about two years ago, for no reason in particular one of our Sunday Brunch meetups turned into our first 8 Hour Brunch Session.....and so much fun was had by all that we have been doing this monthly ever since.

So now you are probably wondering...."What the heck do you do at brunch for 8 Hours?" here is the standard itinerary........
11am -- meet up in the City at chosen brunch spot....spend 2-3 hours chatting, noshing, and drinking.
2pm-- hit the High Street....otherwise known as SHOPPING!!!! Let me tell you, I have justified some outrageous purchases thanks to my girlfriends and a few mimosas:)
5pm -- head to a Wine Bar for tapas and a few cocktails.
7pm -- wrap it up and hop the train home.

So now you may be asking "What does this brunch schedule have to do with a blog?".......the answer to that is quite simple, this time is not about where we are, what we do, but mostly WHO you are with. And it is also taking time out of our busy schedules to nourish our friendships and have girl time. I think every strong independent woman needs this support system. I'm starting this blog because I have found so many interesting blogs and bloggers through the JCA (Thank you Alexis!!!) community. At brunch we talk about such a huge variety of topics from relationships, diet, exercise, fashion (JCrew!!!), children, pretty much if you name it, we've covered it! And my goal for this blog is to post about topics that I find interesting, put them out in the blogosphere, and get anyone and everyone's with that...Ladies, I welcome you to:




  1. What a lovely story! And such an amazing tradition!! I am jealous of your 8 hour brunch but feel honored I can join in the virtual version.

  2. I love it! I, too, am jealous of your 8 hour brunch, but am looking forward to the online version, as well. :)