Sunday, May 24

The Quest for the Perfect Summer Knit Dress......

So, per usual, I am contradicting myself. In the last post, I said "I would not pay $78 - $118for a knit dress I could probably get at Target".....well, then I saw this on the Anthropologie website:

Anthropologie's Quite Fetching Dress, $98.00, Item # 933109.

There is absolutely nothing I love more for hot summer days and nights than a sassy knit dress. I saw this and instantly saw myself sipping mojitos on the deck of my beach house or hitting the town for dinner and drinks. I'm thinking it would look fabulous with silver flat sandals or nude wedges. Also, I love the draping in the front and the back has a deep V detail, which in my world means this baby is totally reversible, so it is really two different looks for the price of one!!! (Oh how I rationalize!!!...quite the talent I have.)

What are your thoughts? I'm so very tempted by this....more so than with any of the current JCrew knit dresses.



  1. I actually placed my first ever online Anthro order last week and expect the package to arrive by midweek. I picked up a pair of earrings at my local Anthropologie store on Friday and then ordered 2 more pair of earrings online yesterday. I've seen a lot of pieces that I would really like to have there lately. I really like the dress you're contemplating...very pretty!

  2. I just love Anthropologie....I seem to always be able to find something and they have such pretty is a tad pricey and they rarely have online % off promos which kind of irks me. But they have such pretty tops, dresses, and accessories...I think I am ordering the dress BTW...I'll be sure to post a review.

  3. LOVE this dress! Great choice! I love Anthro, but I don't have any dresses from them (yet). I totally agree with you that a good knit dress is absolutely critical for the summer. I've got my eye on the new j.crew "dressy jersey cinched dress"--although it could end up being one of those hot mess dresses! Can't wait to see your review on the anthro dress!

  4. AppGal -- The JCrew "dressy jersey cinched dress" looks really pretty! If you get a chance try the Anthro knit can usually catch them on sale..and I've had some for several seasons now and they hold up great!

  5. It looks stylish!! I prefer to wear this kind of dresses!! Love this one!!