Sunday, May 24

New Arrival Wish List......(There is NOT much)...*sigh*...

So I spent some time this weekend perusing the new arrivals on the JCrew site and these are my "wish" items:

First up the Sunbleached Crinkle Flower Tee, Item # 19095, $42.50. I think I would get a lot of use out of this tee. I have to wear suits for work and I'm a huge fan of wearing t-shirts under summer suits. It keeps the look casual and fun while still maintaining the business dress code.

Next up, Soft Tee Ruffle Top, $39.50, Item # 16068. I'm not sure which color. This is one of those JCrew items that could be really fab or really bad! I have the Cascading Ruffles Tank and I absolutely love it! So I would be willing to give this a try.

I love this Desert-sky cotton Petal Cami, $88.00, Item # 15657. I would wear this under the Chambray suiting that I just ordered or with shorts or white jeans. I think this will be a really versatile piece for the summer.

To be really honest, I'm not that thrilled with the new arrivals this month. Some of the pieces are cute but very similar to items that I already have. I like a few of the knit dresses but I'm unwilling to pay $78-$118 for an item that I can find a comparable version of at Target.

I have an order coming that includes my Chambray suiting so I will be sure to post a review later this week.....




  1. I'm getting the Sunbleached Crinkle Tee in the Navy and should receive it on Tuesday or Wednesday...I'll let you know what I think about it IRL. Which color are you planning to get?

  2. FFM: Thanks for visiting!! I'm actually thinking of getting the tee in navy as well. I want to wear it under two of my khaki business suits. Please let me know what you think of it! Enjoy the weekend...