Thursday, July 29

Future Final Sale Items.....JCrew Collection Birds and Toilet Paper

It's my favorite time of the month....the JCrew new arrivals roll out.  I always find numerous lovely items to add to my wish list.  And lately I've found an equal number of items to add to my future final sale posts.  

First up:  If you are wondering what to wear with last years hoodie and combats to update your look for this fall, JCrew has just the thing for you.

I present the Seine Vest.  This beauty can be yours for a mere $650.00:

Supposedly it is made out of chiffon...but it looks like feathers to me.  In fact, I think it just looks like a big pile of bird poo!

But, I am sort of convinced it would look kind of fabulous with this lovely confection.......please not the sarcasm.

Can you believe this hot mess cost $1800???  Combined with the above vest you can have the honor of looking like a half plucked toilet paper wrapped chicken for the bargain price of $2500.  

Ummmm......yeah....future final sale!!

(My hope is they only made like two of each of these which case they will probably be at the next Sample sale:)

xoxo Lovelies!!



  1. I doubt they made many, but I will laugh if I see them in the sale section. The jacket/vest could be in Mad Max or something.

  2. LOL...gigi totally agree with Mad Max....he would defo wear that! Have a great weekend.