Saturday, July 10

8 Most Worn Items Tag........

Happy Saturday Ladies!!

It is pouring rain here and I got up very early and got all of my around the house stuff done early.  DH is out watching the 3rd round world cup game.  I found myself perusing some of the recent beauty gurus videos on youtube.  I like to watch these videos when I have some downtime and don't feel like watching tv.

I came across a "tag" that I wanted to do.  My favorite is the "What's in Purse" tag; but, the "8 most worn things" tag comes in a close second.  Mine will include some beauty items and of course some JCrew.  I tag anybody who reads this to do this on your own blog.....I'll also tag some of my favorite blogs at the end.

My number one item that I always wear is my wedding and engagement ring.  My engagement ring is an art deco estate piece and my wedding band has been in my family for three generations.  I absolutely love both of these pieces.  However, I'm trying to go beyond the obvious in this tag so I'm not including them in my 8 things....but, they are two most prized possessions.

Here goes:

1.  JCrew chain link bracelet, Spring/Summer 2009...don't know the real name.  This bracelet is just costume jewelry but it has special meaning to me.  I got this after winning a bet with my whenever I wear it I am reminded of him. 

  2.  Coco Mademoiselle Perfume -- I just love it...It is my signature scent.  I pretty much get a bottle for my birthday and Christmas every year.  I really feel that it is a seasonless perfume.

3.  Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer -- I LOVE this stuff.  I hate foundation....and to be honest, I'm blessed with pretty good skin so I don't need any heavy coverage.  This is just enough to diminish any redness I may have.  I use this year round.  The spf 20 is a great perk.  You can get this at Sephora or your local Laura counter.  I also swear by her concealer -- Bobbi Brown also has a very similar concealer that is awesome.

4.  JCrew Merino Wool sweaters....I absolutely cannot live without Merino wool.  The way some people feel about cashmere is how I feel about these sweaters.  Although after some quality issues last year, I am branching out to other merino wool brands.  But still, I love merino for fall/winter.

5.  Moroccanoil or Argon Oil -- I absolutely cannot live without this after discovering it last September.  Whether wearing my hair curly or straight, this is my go to product.  You can use it on wet or dry hair.  And it is awesome for giving shine and renewed life to day old hair.  Be careful with putting too much near your roots though, concentrate on the ends of your hair.  You can get this at Sally's Beauty Supply or just google it online.

6.  Smith's Rosebud Salve -- This stuff is AMAZING.....I have one in my makeup bag, one by my bed, one in purse, and in the winter, one in my car (it will melt in the summer).  I use this as a lipgloss/treatment, a cuticle treatment, a dry skin treatment, or for any kind of minor scratch it is a great salve.  It comes in multiple flavors and will be the best $6 you ever spend.  You can get this at Sephora.

7.  Running Sneakers, specifically Saucony Hurricanes -- I love these sneakers and they are my best friends whether running on the treadmill or the road.  They come highly recommended (I'm on my 20th pair).....I've run a marathon in these awesome sneaks.

8.  Lastly, my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Monogramed Canvas -- I've had this bag for like a 100 years.  The leather has aged to a beautiful golden patina.  I have numerous other designer bags I frequently use, but I always go back to this oldie but goody.  I love that it goes with everything and it is very classic.  I'm hoping to get a Speedy 30 in the Damier Canvas for my anniversary or Christmas this year.

That completed my 8 most worn things.....what are yours?  Leave them as a comment or leave the link to your blog post in the comments section.  I would love to know.

I tag EVERYBODY!!!  Especially all of my fabulous followers....I can't believe I have 61!!!  Thanks guys:)  (Once I get to 75 followers I'm going to do my first giveaway, so if you read but don't follow, please follow)

But specifically:

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!!!

xoxo, J.


  1. I love your items. I don't have a blog yet but my speedy and moroccan oil get used more than almost anything else I own. My signature perfume is J'adore. Love this list!

  2. I keep hearing about this Moroccan oil :) So it's at every Sally's?? Do you use any other products in the line?

  3. Robin: Be sure to let me know when you get a blog so I can follow....J'adore is sooo pretty:)

    Ryan: I do not know if it is at every Sally's. I got my first bottle at Sally's and my second I ordered off is the link:
    They offer free shipping on all orders...and the stuff came in like 2 days...(I'm on the east coast.)
    I use the hydrating cream and the oil. If it is really humid or my hair feels really dry, I use them both together. (I have naturally wavy very thick dryish hair, just for reference.) Buy the small bottle of the oil. I got four months out of the first bottle I purchased...using about a dime size amount per day. It gives incredible shine. Let me know how it goes:)

  4. PS...Thanks for joining and following my blog ladies:)

  5. Thank you :) I'm on the east coast also...FLORIDA... humidity makes my hair BAD BAD :) THANKS

  6. Ok that's a pretty good wager. We usually do food for our bets. Thanks for the tag. I think your blog dropped off my list so I am following again now. I will try to do this soon. I'll have to think about it. Good idea to include can't-fail cosmetics. :-)

  7. I really enjoyed reading this POST! I'm a runner too--though have only done 10K's no Marathon so "hats off to you girl!"
    Luve the LV--and all your other beauty goodies!