Friday, July 23

Coach Coupon free to a good home.....

Hey Ladies:

I need another handbag like I need a hole in the head.  That being said, I received a coupon in the mail from Coach for 25% off any purchase in stores or online.  Since I'm not going to be using this coupon, I'm offering it up to a good home.  The first person who wants it just leave me a comment with your email address (You also have to be or become a follower:).  I can either mail the physical coupon to you or email you the code if you want to order online!!!

Terms:  Can only be used at or in a Coach retail store.  Can not be used at Factory Outlet stores.  Only available in the continental United States.

I hope someone takes advantage of this.  They have many pretty things right now!



  1. I would love the coupon if it's still available. I've been eying some shoes and this would be the perfect excuse to buy them :)

    nguyen.michelle.n at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Michelle: The coupon is yours. I just emailed ya:)

  3. I need another handbag like I need a hole in the head also! But so nice for you to share :)