Saturday, June 12

Tracy Anderson Method: Quick update

Hey Ladies:

Real quick update:  My videos have not arrived yet.  They shipped on Tuesday from LA...I live in the East Coast.  I could have driven there and back to pick them up by now....hopefully they arrive on Monday.

Also, if anyone is interested in trying Tracy Anderson's Method, thanks to the lovely Summer at Le Musings of Moi, here is a link to all of her FREE online videos.  Summer's blog is awesome by the way so check it out while you are there.

This group of videos is awesome and I would highly recommend trying these before you buy them.  Her videos are expensive, thirty bucks a piece, so you want to be sure you like it before investing.  Check out the dancing on the treadmill link.....I wonder if I will ever get up the nerve to do that at the gym:)

Have a great weekend ladies!


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