Tuesday, June 22

Looking to Fall 1: Pantone sets the mood.....

Okay, I'm ready for fall.

I'm not ready for cold weather!  No, not at all, but I'm ready for fall fashion.  Fall/Winter fashion is my favorite clothing to wear.....Fall is my favorite season.  I love crisp autumn days, changing leaves, sweaters, jeans, boots, scarves, and a guaranteed good hair day!

We've just hit the glory of summer where I live with all of it's heat and humidity in full force.  But, my husband and I are planning a fall trip to Scotland and Italy and I think this is getting me in the fall fashion mood.  I started doing some research online.  One of my other favorite things to do is to start researching my fall must-haves in July.  This gives me plenty of time to sort through my current fall wardrobe and start piecing together what I will need to fill any gaps for the new fall season.  I always start by pulling the Pantone sets for the upcoming fall season:

Here is fall 2010/2011....I love these colors they are such a nice change from all of the washed out colors from last year.  Many online retailers are starting to show transition pieces like cardigans, long sleeve tees, and scarves in these colors.

Check out JCrew's Long Merino Cardigan (new online) and you will see it is available in many similar colors to pretty!  Boden also has many of these colors represented in their Fall Preview.  

Time to start researching what pieces I will need.....I'll keep ya updated:)

Are you excited for fall fashion?  What do you think of these colors?

Enjoy the summer!!!



  1. I do the exact same thing...I'm finding that if I start planning early for the following season it saves me time and money down the road...I like having the time to plan what I need and it really helps when sneak peeks come out from J. Crew and others. I'm using the long merino cardigan as my inaugural fall piece! I ordered bronzed twig.
    Thanks for visiting my site today :)

  2. Sue: Thanks for visiting my blog too:) Glad we can be bloggie buddies. I so agree, this process makes the seasonal wardrobe transition so much easier. I've been eyeing the long merino cardigan....I can not decide on a color...I love the bright purple, but I really need a grey staple piece...ahh decisions. Check out the boyfriend merino sweatshirt too..they added more colors this season. I have the dark grey from last winter and I LOVE it! so awesome with skinnies or cords.

  3. Love the fall colors. Hopefully J Crew will really go with these instead of all the fleshy pinks they've been using.

    thanks for sharing!!

  4. I like to pick 2 or 3 color-colors, in addition to a few staple neutrals from grey, white, black, tan. I was going w/purples for spring & that has changed. I can't say I've committed to a palette for summer. I'll be all over the place, I guess. I've been pretty focused on jewelry lately.