Thursday, August 27

Some beats for pavement pounding......

AKA....Song recommendations for running:)

Sometimes you just don't feel like working out; and, if you are anything like me, music can be that motivator to get you through the mind games.

I've recently gotten back into running and have taken some time to update my ipod with some great tunes......

Here are some of my current favorites that can be found on my "Running" playlist:

Best Day of your Life -- Kellie Pickler
Good Girls Go Bad -- Cobra Starship
I Run to You -- Lady Antebellum
I Run for Life -- Melissa Etheridge
Love Story (Workout Mix) -- Taylor Swift
Eye of the Tiger -- Survivor (I put this on whenever I get frustrated or to push through the pain)
Fire Burning -- Sean Kingston
I Got a Feeling -- Black eyed Peas
Kids -- MGMT
Supermassive Black Hole -- Muse
Human (Deluxe Day&Age Version -- The Killers
Smooth Criminal -- Michael Jackson
Around the World -- Daft Punk
Electric Feel -- MGMT
Mo Money Mo Problems -- Mase, Puff Daddy, & Biggy Smalls
Best of You -- Foo Fighters
Just Dance -- Lady Gaga
Nighttiming -- Coconut Records
One More Time -- Daft Punk
Cath -- Death Cab for Cutie

Alot of these are "newer" songs....I get bored pretty easily so I download new music playlists pretty regularly.

Do you have any suggestions???

Leave some song suggestions in the comment section...I'm always looking for new ideas and I like all kinds of music!


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  1. Is this timing or what?! I am soooo bored with my running play list and planned to find new music this weekend. Thank you for sharing your playlist!