Wednesday, August 26

Fall Shoes.....

It is still 95 degrees here and humid as hell...but that doesn't stop me from wanting to shop for fall. The heat and humidity has deterred me from wool sweaters, etc. So I have been focusing my fall shopping efforts on my favorite thing ever -- SHOES!

I had to travel pretty far out into the suburbs for work this week and I happened to be passing my favorite TJMaxx. For some reason, this specific TJMaxx in my area always has the best shoes (I found 5 pairs of JCrew shoes on one trip back in the spring!) I've gotten countless pairs of Cole Haan, Michael Kors, Coach, etc shoes here over the past few years. So when I stopped in, I pleasantly pleased to discover several more casual and comfortable options to add to my fall wardrobe.

First up, these black suede wedges from Michael Kors. They were a steal at $59.99. I plan on wearing them this fall with skinny jeans and skirts/dresses with black tights. They are also very comfortable and make my *gigantic* feet look small-ish. I got these in a 9. (I am normally a 9.5 but I have narrowish skinny feet so if the toebox is wide, I normally go down .5 to one whole size.)

I love wedges and I'm guessing this wedge is about 3.5 to 4 inches high. But the shoes are super comfortable and have a very wide toebox because of the rounded toe. I love them!!!
Next up, these nude colored wedges from Me Too! I took these in a 9. They cost $39.99. These look pretty awesome with skinny jeans and I love the fact that the slight wedge (it is 1 inch) elongates my leg. These look really flattering with skinnies and they are very comfortable. I am slightly concerned with gold hardware being uncomfortable....I have funny toe nail sort of curves up a little bit and I have had problems with the Tory Burch Reva ballet flats in the past because of this. But for $39.99, I am willing to give these a chance.

Overall, I'm happy with my new shoe additions and wish it would start to get COOLER so that I could wear them!!!
Next up....GAP's awesome BOGO promo.


  1. Great! Loving wedges right now :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE, LOVE your new shoes!! The wedge is great looking on you. What a perfect find. Shoe envy taking hold at this moment.

  3. Love the black ones. But the humidity sounds like hell...

  4. Love those shoes. Maybe I need to take a trip to the Maxx!!

  5. I just randomly stumbled across your blog- and if we both visit the same TJ Maxx, I was just there on Monday evening and they had JIMMY CHOO's! And Kate Spades! I about died right there in my Tory's. Of course, I wasn't about to fork over 350.00 for some Jimmy's, but daaamn, if my husband didn't have me on a wifely stipend, I would have DEFINITELY thought harded about adding them to my collection!! Crazy!

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.