Friday, August 14

I try to keep it light...but this just makes me so MAD!!!

So, I try to keep my blog posts light hearted. However, I just have to comment on this. I'm a born and raised Philadelphian, a die hard Eagles and Phillies fan, and I have spent the last 16 hours trying to figure out WTF Andy Reed (Eagles Head Coach) and management are thinking signing Michael Vick!!!

He orchestrated the abuse, torture, and killing of hundreds of dogs in his off-time spent running a dog fighting ring. He spent 18 months in prison; and, yes, he has paid his debt to the legal system. During all of the press conferences, the phrase "second chance" and "deserves a second chance" has been used over and over again!

So let me say my peace, I believe that people deserve a second chance. And Michael Vick is no exception. He paid his debt to the legal system. He filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Lost his career and the respect of his fans. This guy is pretty much a rock bottom! And he does deserve a second chance. However, he was only released on July 20th from his jail/house arrest time; and, already he has a multi-million dollar two year contract with another NFL team. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS!!! Maybe after he spent a year working with the SPCA, speaking about animal abuse, etc FULL TIME!!! Maybe after that I would be willing to say "the NFL should give him a second chance." But, not now, not so soon.......

This just makes me so mad! He better be the poster child for the Philadelphia Humane Society!!! I expect him to be speaking to school children about his mistakes and how NOT to be like him!

Not to mention, I don't really see what he has to offer to the team regarding skills seeing as we already have McNabb and a great back-up quarterback. Do we really need a third?

My husband and I have season tickets and for the first time, I'm really not looking forward to football season!



  1. Let me start off saying....I'm a Vick fan and I love animals. I figure if the humane society is willing to work with him and give him the opportunity to make a difference in the community than who am I to pass judgment on him. Only time will tell if he has really changed but I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has a tremendous opportunity to truly make a difference and maybe that's why this happened. Now, he can connect with young inner city kids who might think of this as a sport. If you grew up with this or this way of thinking then it's easier to follow down that path. Of course he always had choice so it isn't an excuse but maybe a way of understanding how it could happen. Anyway, now he can reach out to young kids in a way that only celebrity sports people can. Who knows he might actually end up preventing more animal abuse than he caused. I do not condone what he did, it was horrible and deplorable. The really sad part of this is that it's still happening now, all around the country.

    I'm excited to see how he'll play on the field, he's an exciting player and I think it's great that he's back in the NFL. He has missed two years in the NFL which is a considerable amount of time when you're an NFL football player. I respect your position and I know that there are many people out there who feel the same as you do. I encourage you to watch his 60 Minutes interview this Sunday evening.

  2. Dog fighting ring!? WTF. What kind of a sicko with a twisted mind does something like this? I dont knwo much about football, but I'm sure he shouldnt have gotten a contract this soon and this quick.

    Sorry this ruined football season for u. That totally sucks.

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  4. I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area as well, and I agree with you on this. There are plenty of other ways Vick can earn a living besides playing in the NFL. Being a pro football player is a privelege; he should have had to work a lot harder to get back in. Leave it to Philly :P

  5. thanks for the comments ladies!! I'm starting to get over this...but at the same time, it is very annoying. I'm trying to stay positive and I am really looking to see Vick do alot of work with the SPCA and school children.