Thursday, August 27

Falling into the GAP.....

When I was in high school, before discovering Abercrombie and Fitch, GAP was my go-to store. I was border line obsessed with it (a la JCrew now). In recent so much. I haven't really liked anything the Gap has offered for several years now. And with the exception of the odd tank top or pajama bottom, I never shopped there. But, then I heard about this new line of jeans and I started to see some things that I liked.

Yesterday, I paid my local GAP B&M a visit....I arrived to discover that the entire store was buy one get one (BOGO)...this promo did not include pants or jackets. I got my husband a ton of casual stuff...v neck cotton sweaters, layering tees, henleys, etc. And then I wandered over to the ladie's section. Here is what I tried on:

First up, GAP Boyfriend Jeans and Chambray boyfriend button down. I really liked this button down but I just don't think I will ever wear it so I left it. The fabric was really soft and it ran LARGE....I sized down to an XS which is just ridiculous! I am a very consistant size medium.

The boyfriend jeans were nice but I left them too. I've come to the conclusion that boyfriend jeans are just not meant for my body type....they are always huge in the waist and baggy in the butt...which I hate. I sized down in these jeans...I'm wearing a six here. Overall I feel like most of Gap's clothing this season is running big and long.

Next up, the Boyfriend Striped Sweater. I really really liked this sweater. I need a cami under it, it is pretty low cut as you can see in the picture. I didn't get the stripes...but I got a really pretty forest green and purple color. I opted for solids. I am wearing my normal size Medium here. I tried on a Small too and the size was not much different, the sweater was just a little shorter in the torso. I'm planning on wearing these with skinny jeans and boots this fall/winter so I prefer the slightly baggier shape to offset the skinny bottom. I would recommend these.
Lastly, I got a fleece zip up in a brown/oatmeal color. I have been on the hunt for a longer length zip up hoodie. I ordered the JCrew Sherpa lined hoodie but after getting this Gap version for $17.50 on promo...originally $39.50, the JCrew Sherpa hoodie is going back.
I think that this GAP hoodie is a really great alternative to the JCrew counterpart. However, there are some major differences. Firstly, the material is much thinner than the Sherpa lined hoodie. The fit is very similar...I think the GAP hoodie runs a little large but I'm okay with that...I'll be frying it in the dryer. For my purposes, which include wearing this to the gym and grocery store and layering it under my LLBean feather puffy vest this fall, the GAP version works great! I'm very happy to save myself fifty dollars and apply that to another JCrew item that I have been coveting.

I think that I might pick this up in another color...I'm thinking either the pink or orangey color....I have several knit colored dresses in grey, navy, and black and I think that the pop of color would look really cute early in the fall or on my beach vacation next week.
Well I'm all spray tanned and just have to pack for my weekend at the shore:) We have a beach house at the Jersey Shore so we are so excited to be down there for the last days of summer....have a great weekend everybody:)


  1. Thanks for sharing all the great info about these pieces AND for the IRL pics, too! Have fun this weekend at your beach house! :)

  2. hi! I love the jeans and simple top look on very pretty. :) The striped top is my favorite!

    I used to LOVE the gap and then it got somber and sad and I fell out of love. I love Gap Baby though. Maybe I should go back to Momma gap again!

  3. I have 2 boyfriend striped sweaters, one in solid gray and one blue/gray striped. I had the same problem that you did; it just runs big. So I ordered my usual size (x-small) in petite, and it definitely fit better. I agree that the sweater is great!

  4. i like the sweater! (but i'm partial to v-necks.)


  5. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.