Wednesday, February 10

So it's still fact now it is coming down at 2 inches per hour...for about the next 6-8 hours. Seriously! Thank god some neighborhood kids came buy who we paid 30 bucks to shovel the sidewalks, walks, and driveway. We still have to shovel the deck (it is over the garage and i'm not really interested in 3 feet of snow collapsing onto our cars!)......

So I ordered a few things from JCrew yesterday for the Spring...nothing too crazy just a few pieces to fill in gaps in my wardrobe or replace worn out/tired items. And I used a free shipping code. Well imagine my chagrin this AM when I discover the "Shhh" 20% off everything promo in my inbox. I called JCrew and asked for the promo to be applied to the order I put in last night but of course they said no. (I can't complain too much b/c at Christmas I ordered a sale sweater that was labeled wrong...should have been a M and was actually a XL and JCrew Customer Service not only overnighted me a new sweater but also told me to keep the other one which I gifted to a friend!).....But I was forced to go on the website and resubmit my order this AM to get the 20% off. I was also really excited to discover a popback of the purple Leopard print dress I've been lusting after and a embossed beach dress for $39.99. We will see if they ship but if they do with the extra 20% off they will be a really good deal!

So here is sending warm thoughts to all of you impacted by this storm! And those in sunny warm places...lucky duck!


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  1. Hey there! We are covered in snow too. School was out today....again!
    Your new JCrew stuff sounds great!!